Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty is a powerful model for economic and social change and stability. It helps education, social, health, and legal professionals:
  • Redesign programs to better serve clientele 
  • Build skill sets for management to help guide employees
  • Increase the likelihood of moving from welfare to work


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Caroline Everidge-Certified Trainer

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This program has been developed to address economic diversity. it builds a new consciousness of economic diversity and presents the interlocking nature of the challenges faced by people in poverty and communities as a whole. By using this program material, participants have an opportunity to bring community partners together to enhance the quality of life for all citizens within a community; those from poverty, middle class, and wealth.

Training Outline - 8 Hour Training
Mental Models
Health Literacy
Hidden Rules of Social Class
Language, Story Structure and Cognition
Stages of Change
Mental Models as Tools
Wrap-up & Evaluation


Bridges Out of Poverty is based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne. For more information about her work, to locate her books and other products, visit