Non-Animal/ Livestock Projects

Non-livestock Projects

The 4-H Aerospace project provides youth with educational information and hands-on learning about aerospace that develops skills and knowledge such as principles of flight, physics, model rocket construction, attention to detail, creativity, and critical thinking.

The 4-H Animal Poster projects provides youth the opportunity to learn valuable information about a wide variety of animal species. Subject areas can include general care, nutrition, housing, and health care. We offer several species that you can choose to create a poster on such as:

Beef, Cat, Dairy, Dog, Goat, Horse & Pony, Llama & Alpaca, Poultry Science, Poultry Display, Rabbit, Sheep, Starter Calf, and Swine.

The 4-H Arts & Crafts project allows youth to grow and practice self-expression and self-reflection while expressing creativity in a wide range of mediums such as painting, drawing, models, and craft work. We offer several craft areas to participate in: 

Basic Crafts, Construction/Architectural Replica, Fine Arts, Models, and Needlecraft

The 4-H Beekeeping project allows youth to learn about bees and the art of beekeeping. Youth will learn about the types of bees, the honey and wax that they produce, what plants and flowers attract bees, and the equipment that beekeepers use.

4-H Bowling provides youth a fun and interactive opportunity to learn about the sport of bowling, techniques, and sportsmanship.

The 4-H Cake Decorating project introduces youth to the art of making and using icing as decoration for cakes, cookies, etc. This activity, which can be enjoyed by family and friends, is also an introduction to an entrepreneurial skill and career.

The 4-H Child Development project teaches youth about developing young children at different ages of life (ex. Infants, toddlers, pre-school). Youth will learn about personal safety, responsibility, well-being of others, and resourcefulness.

The 4-H Collections project allows youth to explore why individuals collect various items and discover how to start their very own collection. Youth will practice record keeping and attention to detail while gain first hand experience. 

The 4-H Communications project youth will learn about the process of communications and different modes of communication as they strengthen their own communication skills. The project builds self-confidence as youth explore their social skills, planning, and goal setting.

The 4-H consumer Clothing project teach youth clothing selection, wardrobe planning, care of clothing, and personal grooming. Youth implement resourcefulness, record keeping, and decision making.

The 4-H Crops project allows youth the opportunity to explore hands-on crop production with the opportunity to grow a wide variety of crops. Youth will learn about the different components of agriculture production while applying practices to control insect, disease, harvesting, storage, and marketing. Youth will gain valuable life skills such as problem solving, personal safety, record keeping, and use of resources. We offer several crop types to choose from: 

Alfalfa, Corn, Small Grains, and Soybeans

The 4-H Electric project provides youth with educational information about electricity and how it can be used to benefit our lives. The electric project helps youth understand safety practices, proper use of fuses and circuit breakers, proper lighting techniques, and proper wiring techniques.

The Entomology project helps members study insects and their relationships with people and the environment. In addition, members will learn how to collect, preserve, and identify various insect species.

The 4-H Floriculture project youth learn the basic information and skills needed to grow healthy plants and flowers. Plant selection, symmetry color, and focal points are all areas of importance as youth create their floral exhibits. This project is also an introduction to an entrepreneurial skill and career.

The 4-H Foods project is designed to allow youth to have fun in the kitchen as they prepare different foods, do fun experiments, and go on fact-finding missions. The provided curriculum is designed around six main categories: healthy food selection, smart food purchasing, food safety and science, food preparation, food preservation, careers, and food around the world. We offer different food areas to choose from:

Baked Foods, Microwave Foods, Patio Cooking, and Perserved Foods

The 4-H Forestry project helps youth learn how to identify trees, uses of trees, the benefits of trees, and the importance of our woodlands. A better understanding of our woodlands leads to a greater enjoyment of the outdoors.

The 4-H Garden, Jumbo Garden, Potato, and Strawberry project introduces youth to the benefits of growing food for personal consumption and/or for profitable ventures. Youth will get hands-on experience planning garden space, planting, managing, and harvesting vegetables. Youth implement wise use of resources, goal setting, problem solving and personal safety. We offer several garden areas to participate in such as: 

Garden Educational Display, Garden Plate, Herb Exhibit, Jumbo Garden, Potatoes, and Strawberry

The 4-H Genealogy project provides youth educational materials to help document their heritage through ancestral listing. The project can be done with a parent, grandparent, or other family members. Genealogy guides youth to learn about where their ancestors resided, traveled, and even developed family traditions.

The 4-H Geology introduces youth to the hobby of rock hunting. Geology involves studying the earth’s crust, its layers, and their history. Youth will learn to identify Indiana rocks, minerals, and fossils.

The 4-H Gift Wrapping project allows youth to wrap beautiful gifts in various styles and express creativity.   

The 4-H Health project is designed for youth who are interested in basic first aid, health, well-being, and/or career in the medical field. Youth will explore hygiene, nutrition, and physical fitness, then put that knowledge gained into practice as they develop their own personal plan and making decisions. Disease prevention, decision making, and healthy lifestyle choices are a few skills that this project will help youth develop.

The 4-H Home Environment project provides youth the opportunity to apply principles of design, texture, and color as they develop design elements or functional pieces for home use.

The Junior Leader project allows 4-H members in grades 7-12 the opportunity to provide their Adult 4-H Volunteers with additional assistance in their 4-H Clubs and related activities. Volunteering and community involvement are some of what junior leaders focus their work on throughout the year. Jr. Leaders also serve as mentors and role models to the younger 4-H members by sharing their experiences with them.

The 4-H photography project helps youth practice taking quality photographs with cameras and cell phones. Youth experiment with color, lighting, shadows, and perspectives with every photo. The project provides a creative outlet for self-expression and innovation.

The 4-H reading project is designed for youth to explore the world of literature and books. Reading holds unlimited potential and possibilities.

The 4-H Recycling project provides an opportunity for youth to learn more about recycling and/or to use their creative talents in designing/making an item to use at home or a piece of artwork from all recycled materials.

The 4-H Scrapbooking project allows youth to creatively express themselves through the design of a scrapbook, highlighting moments and memories that are important to them. Youth will learn planning, organization, and presentation skills as they work on their project.

The 4-H Sewing project encourages youth to sew garments or non-wearable items of increasing difficulty as the progress within the project overtime. The garments range from simple items to a tailored suit or coat. Non-wearable items range from simple items such as pillows to duffle bags. Youth in the sewing project implement attention to detail, problem solving, and critical thinking.

We have different focus areas that you can participate in such as Wearable and Non-wearable as well as Fashion Review.  

The 4-H shooting Sports project teaches youth how to safely operate firearms and archery equipment. Youth learn about physics and practice a high level of focus and concentration as they work to achieve their goals. These fun-filled, hands-on learning experiences are provided under the direction of qualified caring adults. We offer 4 different disciplines:

Archery: Grades 3-12

Rifle: Grades 4-12

Shotgun: Grades 4-12

Pistol: Grades 6-12

Note: Safety is our biggest concern. All of the disciplines are led by certified volunteers.

The 4-H Small Engines project creates youth the opportunity to identify and discover the function of different engine parts, compression rations, and safety issues as they deconstruct and rebuild an engine. The project emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and goal setting. This project is also an introduction to an entrepreneurial skill and career.

The Soil and Water Science project teaches youth about soil, water, and the environment. Youth learn about soil and water quality, how they both interact with each other, and how we can project and preserve our natural resources.

The 4-H Sportfishing project teach youth that fishing can be both a hobby and a source of study for an entire lifetime. Youth learn about a wide variety of fish species, types of equipment, and different aquatic habitats.

The 4-H Sports and Performing Arts project allow youth to express their creative side while gaining valuable life skills and confidence in themselves through sports, dance, music and drama.

The 4-H Tractor Maintenance and Operator Contest provide youth with educational information about agricultural tractors and machinery as they explore principles of engine operation, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and safe operation. These fun-filled and hands-on learning experiences are provided under the direction of qualified caring adults.

No previous experience required. We have several areas to learn to operate and compete in such as Lawn & Garden, Tractor, and Zero Turn.

Note: Safety is our biggest concern. All of the disciplines are led by certified volunteers.

The 4-H Veterinary Science project provides youth to learn about the veterinary science profession and opportunities for careers in animal health. The project covers subjects like general health care, anatomy, and careers are presented in the provided materials. Youth will develop skills like responsibility, decision making, and communication as they participate in the project.

The 4-H Weather and Climate Science project youth will learn the basic information about weather and climate science, including what causes variations in weather and why we experience different season and climates on earth. Youth will observe and record weather conditions and learn weather symbols.

The 4-H Wildlife project helps youth learn to identify wildlife, basic wildlife needs, and how wildlife interacts in various environments. Observing and studying wildlife can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

The 4-H Woodworking project provides youth with educational information about wood and how it can be used for both construction and decorative items. The project emphasizes safe operation of power and hand tools, and teaches skills like planning, organizing, critical thinking, and problem solving.

General Record Sheet

The purpose of the record sheet to to help document and guide you with your 4-H projects.  We want this to be fun as well as a learning experience for our 4-H members. 

Please contact either your 4-H Club Leader or the Extension Office to receive your General Record Sheet.