Hamilton County 4-H Council Elections

2024 Hamilton County 4-H Council Elections

Townships with open Hamilton County 4-H Council positions for 2024 are Adams, Delaware, Jackson, Noblesville, and White River. 4-H families should only cast one vote for a township representative if your township has an open position for the 2023 4-H Council. Voting will end at noon on Sunday, November 19, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. 

The Hamilton County 4-H Program strives to meet the needs of our youth. Your continued input and positive comments ensure a successful and pertinent 4-H program. Therefore, your help in selecting adult volunteers to serve on the Hamilton County 4-H Council is necessary.

The 4-H Council is made up of at least one representative from each of the nine townships in Hamilton County plus At Large Members, two representatives from the 4-H Adult Volunteer Organization, one representative from the County Extension Homemaker Council, two representatives from the County Junior Leader Organization, one representative from the Extension Board and the president of the preceding year of the 4-H Council. 4-H Council members are eligible to serve two consecutive three year terms, however, they must be re-elected to serve that second term.

4-H Council Responsibilities:

  • To evaluate the 4-H Program and make appropriate recommendations.
  • To determine policy and operating procedures for the 4-H Program.
  • To secure, maintain, and improve adequate facilities for the 4-H Program.
  • To plan, prepare for, direct, and supervise the 4-H Fair.

 Member Responsibilities

  • The 4-H Council meets once a month and during the 4-H Fair, plus occasional called meetings. Members are required to attend at least 50% of the regular meetings.
  • A term on the 4- H Council is 3 years. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms.
  • Members are expected to serve on one or more committees.
  • Members, as township representatives, should bring concerns from their township and/or clubs to the 4-H Council.
  • 4-H Council members are expected to volunteer time to assist with the 4-H Fair (i.e. planning, setting up, carrying out, and cleaning up).
  • Members are expected to donate food to special activities sponsored by the 4-H Council and assist with these activities (i.e. pre-fair work days).

Candidates and Ballots

  • Skylar Stevens

    I was a part of a conversation that made me think that there could be value to help have positive change in the county. I did not grow up in 4-H at all. I was a rodeo kid that did all things in the rodeo life. It wasn’t until I met my wife, that I saw what the 4-H life was about and the positive impact it had on her life and family. After hearing about her experiences early on, I had made the decision that my kids will too be in 4-H. I believe that it instills very good ethics and responsibilities on kids. I currently have a big hand in the swine barn working with my father-in-law and helping anywhere I can. I hear of a lot of things that have to be ran through the council for changes, and some of those changes, I feel like the people that are involved with the superintendents and the kids should help make those decisions. I also did not grow up in the county, so I could potentially bring some unbiased viewpoints and could see value in that aspect. More than anything, I do enjoy the right kind of volunteer work. I figure this could be something I could try and see if it sticks.


  • Carrie Tarver

    I am a 4H Alumni from Elkhart County Fair, which I participated in the Horse and Pony Program.  I attended St. Mary of the Woods College and graduated with a Computer Information Science Degree and was a very active member of their Equestrian team serving as President and Vice President during college.  I have had horses for over 40 years and have resided in Hamilton County since 2005. I look forward to bringing my Equine knowledge to the team and helping bridge the gaps and giving the Exhibitor the best 4H experience they could have.  My daughter is in Hamilton County’s 4H Giddy Up Gang and enjoying being active in Jr Leaders this year so I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings! 

  • Jacob Tobias

    I, Jacob Tobias, am interested in being on 4-H Council for the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills I learned through 4-H that have helped me in my personal and professional life. I was a ten year 4-H member in Shelby County and served as a 4-H camp counselor for 3 years, was very involved in Junior Leaders serving on the State Jr. Leader Council my tenth year. The friendships I forged in my time as a 4-H member have never left me and even led to meeting my wife which brought me to Hamilton County. I have been helping my wife Kayla who is the Beef Superintendent for ten years. Our three girls love spending time at the fair and at 4-H meetings helping their mom and Grandma who are Leaders for Sheridan AG; even though my girls are all 5 years or younger. My Grandma was a long time 4-H leader, and my dad was a 4-H leader; so being a 4-H volunteer is a passion that runs in the family. I hope that my time as a volunteer can provide growth opportunities for today’s youth and inspire some of them to be tomorrow’s volunteers.


  • Jenny Rumple

Hello, my name is Jennifer Rumple and I am running again for the Delaware Township council position. Hamilton County 4-H holds a huge piece of my heart growing up. I was a member of the Carmel Lovebugs club. I have one child that earned her 10 years through 4-H and another in his 8th year.  My love for 4-H includes encouraging and empowering the youth of today with leadership skills and learning to work through challenges as they arise. Seeing our youth using the skills they have learned throughout their 4-H years and taking that knowledge and drive into their adult careers and businesses is inspiring. I have been part of the leadership team for the Friends Forever 4-H club for the last 10 years and have been the Cat project superintendent for years. If elected I would be honored to continue my volunteerism and serve in any capacity needed. I am a team player and would love to help serve in an organization that means so much to myself and my family.


Delaware Township BALLOT

  • Billie Hittle

Hello, my name is Billie Hittle and I’ve lived in Cicero, Jackson Township, for 20 years. All three of my children have been involved in the Hamilton County 4-H program for almost 23 years, with my youngest serving as Queen last year. As a small business owner in Westfield, I bring organizational skills, communication skills and listening skills as well as leadership roles to the community. As Project Superintendent of Floriculture, I love to see kids express their passion and find their talents and it’s important for kids to find role models in 4-H. I would love this position to open a new perspective in the community and to prosper the experience of the youth. Thank you for considering me.

  • Maria Layman

Hello!  My name is Maria Layman and I am running for Hamilton County 4-H Council representing Jackson Township.  As adults, my husband, Doug, and I have enjoyed contributing to the 4-H program.  I have been a 4-H leader in Hamilton County for almost 30 years and both of my daughters were 10-year members.  I enjoy working with children, whether it be through 4-H or working as a school nurse for Community Health Network and Riverview Health.  I want to continue to promote Hamilton County 4-H as a program that empowers our children to gain the life skills of becoming leaders and encouraging them to give back to their community.  If elected, I will help to keep Hamilton County 4-H focused on what is best for our youth.


  • Gerrian deJong

    Having been a part of the Hamilton County 4-H program for over 20 years and find myself an active member of several committees, I see the value of volunteers in the county program to make our county a successful program for our youth.  Most recently as a member of the Volunteer Recognition Program, I helped lead the team to change our volunteer recognition to award a voucher toward food during the fair, which is a change from the banquet which had been done in years past, which seems to have been a success.  I enjoy leadership involvement in the 4-H program and would be honored to represent Noblesville Twp on the 4-H Council.


  • Jason Reynolds

I live in White River Township, and I am seeking election for the Hamilton County 4-H Council. My emphasis the past term on 4-H Council has been and will always be about the 4-H Kids and their families. As a former 10-year member of Hamilton County 4-H I know firsthand the positive impact that 4-H offers in the way of education, responsibility, growth and maturity, and firmly believe that the 4-H program creates youth that become more productive and responsible adults.  Because of these core values that 4-H promotes, it created a desire for me to give back. I am a project leader for Tractor maintenance, Lawn and garden maintenance, and assist in the Shooting Sports discipline. I am active in several committees, and Chairman of the Auction Committee.  I ask for your vote for election to the Hamilton County 4-H council. I have really enjoyed serving on 4-H Council in the past.

  • Jennifer Sullivan

Jennifer has called rural Hamilton County her home for twenty-three years.  She has been a 4-H Project Leader and Volunteer for 15 years and has assisted two daughters completely through the 4-H Program.  Jennifer has been on the 4-H Council for the past four and a half years.  She continues to be a Project Leader and Volunteer, and would like to continue to represent White River Township on the 4-H Council.  As a White River Township 4-H Council Representative Jennifer’s interests and concerns are with the 4-H children and their families, making sure that their experience with 4-H is educational and enjoyable.

  • Josiah Rhea

Josiah has been involved with the Hamilton County 4-H program as long as he can remember. Being a 10-year member, he was very involved in Jr. Leaders, all three goat projects, Swine, Rabbits, Poultry, and Horse and Pony. Now as an adult he has been volunteering ever since. Being a Volunteer Representative on council the past two years, he is ready to represent his township in the best way possible. A Vote for Josiah is a vote for the future while honoring the great history of this amazing county we all love.