2022 Hamilton County 4-H Council Elections

Townships with open Hamilton County 4-H Council positions for 2022 are Clay, Fall Creek, Jackson, Noblesville, Washington and Wayne. 4-H families should only cast one vote for a township representative if your township has an open position for the 2021 4-H Council. Voting will end at noon on Friday, November 12, 2021. 

The Hamilton County 4-H Program strives to meet the needs of our youth. Your continued input and positive comments ensure a successful and pertinent 4-H program. Therefore, your help in selecting adult volunteers to serve on the Hamilton County 4-H Council is necessary.

The 4-H Council is made up of at least one representative from each of the nine townships in Hamilton County plus At Large Members, two representatives from the 4-H Adult Volunteer Organization, one representative from the County Extension Homemaker Council, two representatives from the County Junior Leader Organization, one representative from the Extension Board and the president of the preceding year of the 4-H Council. 4-H Council members are eligible to serve two consecutive three year terms, however, they must be re-elected to serve that second term.

4-H Council Responsibilities:

  • To evaluate the 4-H Program and make appropriate recommendations.
  • To determine policy and operating procedures for the 4-H Program.
  • To secure, maintain, and improve adequate facilities for the 4-H Program.
  • To plan, prepare for, direct, and supervise the 4-H Fair.

 Member Responsibilities

  • The 4-H Council meets once a month and during the 4-H Fair, plus occasional called meetings. Members are required to attend at least 50% of the regular meetings.
  • A term on the 4- H Council is 3 years. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms.
  • Members are expected to serve on one or more committees.
  • Members, as township representatives, should bring concerns from their township and/or clubs to the 4-H Council.
  • 4-H Council members are expected to volunteer time to assist with the 4-H Fair (i.e. planning, setting up, carrying out, and cleaning up).
  • Members are expected to donate food to special activities sponsored by the 4-H Council and assist with these activities (i.e. pre-fair work days).

Candidates and Ballots

  • Cheryl Armstrong

    My name is Cheryl Armstrong, and I live in Clay Township. A registered dietitian and graduate of Purdue University, I am currently an Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at IUPUI. I have been actively involved with Hamilton County 4-H since 2010, when my daughter (a nine-year member) joined the Westfield Cloverleaves. During the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of serving as one of the leaders for the Westfield Cloverleaves. For the past three years, I have served as the project superintendent for Food Preparation and actively participated on the Foods Auction Committee. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Hamilton County 4-H Council to support its mission of providing educational programs and opportunities to nurture and empower Hamilton county youth to develop citizenship awareness and leadership skills to become productive citizens in our diverse society.


  • Leslie Babione

    I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the 4-H program for all it gave me as a youth and continues to give me as an adult.  Serving on the 4-H Council would be one small way I could say thank you and invest in the future of the program.  I was a 10 year 4-H member in Marion County and a 4th generation 4-Her.  My two young daughters now carry on the family tradition as 5th generation members.  Throughout my time in 4-H, I exhibited a variety of projects, participated in fashion shows, danced in talent shows at the local and state level, showed rabbits, was a Junior Leader, attended a variety of leadership conferences including 4-H Round-up, Washington Focus trip and State Jr. Leader Conference where I was then elected to serve as a counselor the following year.  I was a 4-H camp counselor for a couple of years, held offices within my clubs, earned the Rabbit Royalty Queen title, was 4th Runner-up in the Marion County queen contest in 1992 and served as the 1993 Marion County Fair Queen, which then gave me the opportunity to participate in the State Fair contest.  I also earned a 4-H scholarship.  While I treasure the ribbons, plaques and achievements, nothing compares to the value of the leadership skills I acquired or the lifelong friendships I forged through my years in 4-H.  I have enjoyed a wide variety of 4-H experiences.  The life skills I learned early on have carried me through my educational years where I ultimately obtained a master’s degree, as well as through many professional years in the public relations industry.  Currently, those skills translate to my volunteer work in the community and parenting my children. The 4-H program taught me to make the best better early on, and for that reason, I am committed to living out that motto through any volunteer commitments I have within the organization.  Thank you for your consideration.


  • Jared Roberts

    My name is Jared Roberts and I am a former 10-year member of Hamilton County 4-H.  My wife and I live in Fishers and our family still farms in Westfield.  We have 4 kids with the oldest going into her second year of 4-H.    I have experience in livestock having shown dairy cows and swine.   I will bring to the 4-H council that knowledge to try and help continue expanding the Hamilton County 4-H livestock program along with all the other projects that kids can do.   I would like to be on the 4-H council as I truly believe 4-H is a wonderful program for kids to meet lifelong friends along with responsibility that they can carry on in life. 


  • Pat Robinson

    My name is Pat Robinson. During my Ten Years of 4-H in Hamilton County I exhibited and participated in the Sheep, Swine, Arts and Crafts, Shooting Sports, 1/16 Tractor Pull projects as well as Junior Leaders. Through 4-H I gained many long lasting friends and learned many valuable lessons. Since graduating from Purdue University in 2015, I have been able to volunteer my time each summer with the Sheep Show, Swine Show and the 1/16th Tractor Pull. I have cherished my time with this great organization and would love the opportunity to give back even more by serving as a member of the 4-H Council, so that the next generation can have the same opportunities I was blessed to have.


  • Josiah Allee

    Growing up a Hamilton County native, Josiah Allee is passionate about the history and the future of 4-H.  After completing 10 years of being heavily involved as a member, he has continually stayed active as a volunteer ever since. He has always wanted to influence 4-H members as the adults did in his time as a member. Values like leadership, responsibility, and humility are just a few things I learned and that I want to pass on. He is a Real Estate Broker who works with many different types of people and understands the value in communication. He strives to bring all aspects of the organization together to make our youth's future “best better”.

  • Susan Wertz

    I was a 10-year 4-H member in Delaware County where I participated in many projects including Beef, Swine, Sheep, Arts & Crafts, Sewing, Foods, Child Development, and many others.  I learned the ins and outs of 4-H leadership from my father who was a livestock leader for 13 years.  I was taught the importance of giving back to the community that shaped you, and I have done just that since I was a child.  I have been involved in 4-H for over 50 years (if you include my membership as a child) and found this organization to be one that deserves the attention of adults who have lived the benefits that 4-H provides in an effort to keep this program active and viable for other children to experience.  The life lessons learned in this organization have served me and my children well, and I want to be able to continue having an impact for our community's youth now that my children are all nearing the end of their time in 4-H.  I have served the Hamilton County Jr. Sheep Association as it's leader for 5 years, and have been involved in the Hamilton County Sheep Producers Association in many capacities including President for over 12 years.  It is my desire to continue my service to 4-H and this community by being involved far beyond my tenure as a leader, and hope that I can do that as an active member of the 4-H Council.


  • Patrick Kimball

    I reside on a small farm in Westfield, Indiana with my wife Jennifer and daughter Aubrey Johnson. My wife was a 10-year member (Jennifer Getz) and my 5th grade daughter is currently heavily involved in 4H. I have over 16 years of experience in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry at The Bridgewater Country Club and I am currently the COO of Black Diamond Club Consulting. I feel I would bring a unique perspective to the 4H Council as I have no previous 4H experience and have more of an outside viewpoint as to how we can continue to better the 4H experience. I have been able to amass an immense rolodex over my career and it would be very beneficial for getting things taken care of for the 4H community. I hope that I can help better the involvement and participation of our kids and I look forward to serving the great community of Hamilton County.

  • Lisa Mills

    I was a ten-year member of Hamilton County 4H and an active Junior Leader.  Since "graduating" from the program, I have been a volunteer for 31 years.  I have three children.  Two of them have completed 10 years of 4-H and my youngest is in his 4th year.  I am co superintendent of the OV Winks building and formerly led the gift wrap project.  Currently, I am serving as an adult leader representative to the council as well as being an active participant of the Member recognition committee and the Buildings and Grounds committee.    Besides all of my experience, I bring an extensive knowledge of the program and a true desire to make the 4-H program a great experience for all involved.  

  • Joel Spencer

    Thank you for the opportunity to run for 4-H council in Hamilton County.  My name is Joel Spencer and our family lives in Westfield Indiana.  Amy and I have three boys, ages 17, 15, and 12.  All three boys desire to be 10-year members in 4-H due to the skills and confidence they have gained in their various projects.   We currently live on a farm in Westfield and my profession is in the animal industry developing nutritional products for swine, poultry, cattle, and companion animals.   Professionally, I have participated in animal nutrition workshops for 4-H programing and have worked with local schools to educate on the opportunities and careers in the animal agricultural sciences.  However, my background in 4-H was limited when I was their age.  I grew up on a farm in Missouri, and my understanding of 4-H was that it was equine focused and not as broad of a program that we are blessed with here in Hamilton County.  After moving to Indiana 20 years ago, I was shocked to learn the variety and depth of programs offered to our youth and I was excited to get involved.  I sat on the IN State 4-H foundation Board for many years to learn how our local and state 4-H programs were organized in Indiana.  I now desire to be on the 4-H council so that I can help others experience the terrific opportunity of 4-H in Hamilton County.  Our family is very active in our community through church, school, and sporting activities, and in those interactions, I’m always surprised how little people know about 4-H and what their children can gain from it.  Many parents and kids are curious about 4-H, but they don’t know where to start or how to get involved.  I want to change that.  I believe I can help families understand the opportunities their children have in 4-H and help them get involved.  Having been someone who didn’t grow up with 4-H, I understand how difficult it can be to get your kids started in this wonderful opportunity.  After completing his first year of 4-H, one of my boys said, “I found a place where I fit in”.  With my personal and professional background, I believe I can contribute to our 4-H family by helping more kids have this type of positive experience.   Thank you for your consideration.

  • Melissa Stalbaum

    My name is Melissa Stalbaum and I would like to serve as your 4-H Council representative in Washington township. I was a 10 4H member in Hamilton County. This program gave me many opportunities and I can't wait to help give others those same experiences. I attended Purdue University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and I have served as a 4H volunteer for several years. My husband and I now live on a small farm with our 3 kids who are actively involved in the 4H program. I have a strong desire to share the positive effects of 4-H with all in our community and county and help Hamilton County 4-H “make the best better.” I would be honored to serve as a member of the Hamilton County 4-H Council.


  • Mike Wood

    I currently reside in Wayne Twp. I am a past 10 year 4-Her, belonged to the Noblesville Ag 4-H Club and was past President of the Club.  My father Jim Wood was a 10 year 4-H member in Hamilton County and my daughter Madison was also a 10 year 4-Her as part of the Forest Hill 4-H Club.  I have volunteered at the Fair, with livestock projects, helping the Pork Producers cook for the Producers Food Tent.  My desire is to continue serving the youth of Hamilton County 4-H, I feel I can bring knowledge and hard work to the 4-H Council.

  • Jim Self

    My name is Jim Self and I am running for the 4H Council.  I have 3 children, Hannah Mary (25), Eli (22), and Lydia (18) all that are all 10 members of 4H in Hamilton County, participating in sheep, arts and crafts, foods, sewing, shooting sports, and fashion revue.  As a family we have had a great experience with our kids in 4-H, wins, losses, life lessons, hard work, and most importantly friendships that will last forever.  I do not have an agenda for running for the council, I just think it my time serve and give back to 4H.  We have raised our children at our church, Hamilton Southeastern athletic events, and the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, what a blessing!  I look forward to opportunity to stay connected, continue to grow 4H in Hamilton County and give back to something that has given our family so much.