JUNIOR LEADER-County Only Project

Serving as a 4-H Junior Leader is an honor, an opportunity, and a responsibility. 4-H Clubs are most successful when your enthusiasm, energy, and ideas are combined with the experience of your Adult 4-H Leader(s) and your Extension Educator. Junior Leaders is a project, which requires careful planning. Your advisor(s) will supervise your work and be a source of help when you have questions or problems. However, he or she cannot make you a leader—you must put forth the effort yourself to be an effective leader.

The purpose of Junior Leaders is to:

  • Promote education.
  • Assist 4-H leaders in planning and conducting 4-H clubs.
  • Become acquainted with other 4-H’ers.
  • Participate in county 4-H activities.
  • Encourage younger members to assume leadership roles.
  • Assist with 4-H projects and activities.
  • Become involved in community service projects.
  • Provide opportunities to accept responsibility.

There are several reasons why you might want to join, and actively participate in 4-H Junior Leaders. You can:

  • Help the community at the local and county level.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Develop your ability to work with others.
  • Make new friends.
  • Become eligible for 4-H trips, awards, and scholarships.

Eligibility Requirements and Organization Information

  • Enroll in 4-H for the current year via 4-h Online
  • Enroll in the Junior Leader project before January 15 of the current year.
  • Be in 7th Grade or above (the grade leading up to the fair).
  • Complete a minimum of 21 hours from the Activities Chart provided by Jr. Leader advisor.
  • Attend at least 4 meetings and participate in 3 service events.
  • Work in fair concession stand (# of times determined closer to fair) or make arrangements with advisor if unable to attend the fair.

Complete and submit your 4-H Junior Leader manual by post-fair clean up.                               (Rev 1/17)