Agriculture and Natural Resource Extension (ANR) Educators serve as research based, unbiased information source for county and state constituents on a variety of topics including: crops, ag business, livestock, natural resource, horticulture, small farms, urban ag, pesticide use, and land conservation. In partnership with Purdue University subject matter experts, ANR Extension Educators can provide relevant and proven best management practices to address many clients’ situational needs.

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Ken Eck

ANR Educator

Purdue Extension Dubois County
505 W 5th Street
Jasper, In 47546


Upcoming and Ongoing courses

Forestry Course - Eight Monday Evenings and One Saturday Field Sessions, February 5 to March 25, 2024
Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center 11371 East Purdue Farm Rd Dubois, IN 47527


Southwest Indiana Homesteading Conference -  MARCH 9, 2024 - FRIEDMAN PARK EVENT CENTER 2700 PARK BLVD NEWBURGH, IN 47630
A gathering of homesteaders, home gardeners, suppliers and enthusiasts learning and growing together! Topics Include: Vegetable Gardening, Fruit Gardening, Soils & Compost, Beekeeping, Farm
Tools, Small Business Development Center, Poultry, Insects, Urban Agriculture, Cover Crops,
Rainwater Storage, Food Storage and more! 

Web Resources

The following links will connect you to helpful websites and publications.

Agri-News Newsletter - Newsletters list information on Field Crops, Livestock, PARP, etc..

Private Applicator Recertification Program (PARP) - Farmers Exam Opportunities  

Private Applicator Recertification Program (PARP) - Upcoming Farmer PARP Events  

Private Applicator Recertification Program (PARP) – Farmer Pesticide License Search/Credits 

Purdue Agriculture Economics Report - Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rent Report

Indiana Farm Custom Rates

Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Pork Quality Assurance Certification

Master Gardener - Find a class, report volunteer hours, find events, etc.

State Nurseries and Tree Seedling Sales

Plant and Pest Diagnostic LaboratoryThe Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory works to diagnose plant diseases and identify insects, plants and weeds and other plant and pest problems