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Dubois County Local Club Info

4-H Club Team – Busy Bees and Gavel

Meets 3rd Monday evening of the month, 7:00 pm
Sacred Heart Church, Schnellville
Busy Bees:
Annette Applegate 812-631-8146
Tara Betz 812-630-6424      
Gavel: Zach Lichlyter – 812-661-7692

4-H Club Team – Crusaders, Rangers,
& Country Guys and Gals

Meets: 2nd or 3rd Sunday evening of the month, 6:30 pm
Forest Park Jr. Sr. High Cafeteria
Crusaders: Tammy or Al Haug – 812-631-3530
Rangers: Darlene Boeglin – 812-630-1818
Country Guys and Gals – Darla Laake – 812-367-2582

4-H Club Team – Holy Family
and Talents Seekers

Holy Family -Meets Sundays Monthly 9:30 AM
Holy Trinity ( Holy Family Campus) School Cafeteria
Vicki Summerlot - 812-481-2647
Deb Voegerl 812-482-3588
Dana Howard 812-309-8595

Talents Seekers-
Julia Hurst -812-326-2043
Rhonda Knust 812-326-2741

4-H Club Team – Lucky Irish, Blue Ribbon

Lucky Irish:  Meets 1st Monday evening of the month, 6:30 pm
Ireland K of C
 Brianna Gress – 812-459-6879

Blue Ribbon: Meets First Tuesday of month, 6:00 PM
Rose Hopf's Basement
Melissa Wagner 812-630-9322


4-H Club Team – Happy Go Lucky and
Celestine Leaders of Tomorrow

Happy Go Lucky:
Steve Sander 812-631-2771
Celestine Leaders of Tomorrow:
Danielle Schnell 812-309-4702   

Dutch Workers 4-H Club

Erin Meyer – 812-536-3308

Saint Henry Saints 4-H Club

Meets 1st Sunday of the month 6:00 pm
St. Henry Community Club 6:00 pm
Blake Lindauer – 812-639-1297

Lucky Shamrocks 4-H Club

Meets 3rd Sunday of the month, 6:30 pm
Precious Blood School, Endress Hall
  • Sunday, Jan 21

  • Sunday, Feb 18

  • Sunday, March 17

  • Sunday, April 21

  • Sunday, May 19

  • Sunday, June 9 or 23 will be Pool Party @ Fischer Residence. TBD

  • No meetings in July with label pick-ups coordinated by County Extension.

Jennifer Kluemper – 812-630-6532
Daryl Kluemper 812-661-2943





Wee Irish Mini 4-H Club

Michelle Wehr – 812-827-020
Amanda Hochgesang 812-661-7194

Little Seekers Mini 4-H Club

Meets Sundays Monthly 8:30 AM
Dubois County Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion

Lisa Knust 812-326-2741
Emma Hurst 812-631-8297
Kayla Knust 812-630-7016   

Little Rangers Mini 4-H Club

Darlene Boeglin 812-630-1818
Valerie Hassfurther 812-630-2584

The Explorers Mini 4-H Club

Meets 3rd Monday evening of the month, 6:45 pm
Schnellville Conservation Club
Heather Verkamp – 812-631-0590
Kendra Weigel 812-639-6316




Clogging Clovers 4-H Club

Meets Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds
Heather Verkamp – 812-631-0590
Joyce Mehringer 812-631-2611

Hoppers (Rabbit) 4-H Club

Meets Monday evenings,
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds
Rennie Wagner – 812-634-2694

Paws and Pals (Dog) 4-H Club

Meets Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds
Jeff & Tarry Kerkhoff – 812-309-1238
Ruth Bush 812-631-9595

Wranglers (Horse and Pony) 4-H Club

Meets Monday evenings
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds

      Alyssa Kluesner                   812-661-7212   
      Danielle Betz                       812-489-1610
      Kaylee Jacob                      812-631-4984         
      Kris Murray                         812-309-0356

Shooting Sports 4-H Club

Meets Thursday evenings from Feb - April
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds

Hannah Beck 812-639-2789           
Samantha Boeglin 812-631-8140

Robotics & Innovation 4-H Club

Meets @Jasper Public Library - Weds nights from 5:45 - 7:30 pm in Hickory A & B

      Jan  31

      Feb 21

      March 6 & 20

      April 3 & 17

Ryan Tusing – 812-325-7375
Lisa Niehaus 812-326-2221

4-H Jr. Leaders 4-H Club

Meets 2nd Monday evening of the month
Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds
Vicki Summerlot– 812-481-2647



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