Outdoor Photography


22 x 28” Poster; stiff backed or foam board, covered with plastic, exhibited horizontally.

Poster must have a label for your name in the lower right hand corner (enclosed).

Title: Outdoor Photography Themes is suggested but you may use another title if you wish if you have another that goes along with your theme better. But the exhibit should be titled.

You may also have a subtitle if you wish. You are not limited to the subtitle. For example: “Birds of Indiana”, “Owen County Scenery”, “Yellowstone Trip”, Owen County Wildflowers, etc.

In this project you will shoot photographs of themes below. You will exhibit ten photos of your themed items. Photos can be any size or shape. However, they must fit on one poster with the labels.

Themed areas include (there will be a champion in each area below):

  • Animals or Birds
  • Scenery
  • Trip/Vacation
  • Flowers or Wildflowers

Photographs and overall display will be judged by a team of 1-3 novice judges. They will judge on how attractive and interesting the photos and your exhibit looks to them. Technical aspects of photography will not be considered (other than selecting the best photograph). However, a good photo that looks good to novices will often have good technical aspects. Project is judged using the scorecard below with the winning exhibit having the best overall display.

Minimum label for each photograph (you can add more to the label if you wish):

ID Item Photographed: ________________________________
Where Photographed: _________________________________

You will want to give the name of the scene, flower, wildlife or bird you shot. Use the above label for that.