My Hobbies

Bowling, Music, Reading, Religion
*Not a State Fair Project

This project gives the 4-Her a chance to share their interest in fields that are not sports related.
Poster must follow the general rules.

  1. In this project you will research your subject of choice relating to your hobby.
  2. You can research the historical events that pertain to your subject of choice
  3. You will display your findings on a poster or in a notebook.
  4. You should select different subject matters within your choice each year

All Posters, and notebooks Display Boards

Bowling - Poster required for this hobby
Must bowl at least 3 games to complete this project. Games must be completed in the current 4-H year. Score sheets of best 3 games must be taped to the back of your poster or used on your poster exhibit. Poster to include pertinent information about bowling (history, facts, figures, terms)

JUDGING INFORMATION: (Use General poster scorecard) Items the judge will look for on your poster:
1. Subject (suitable, well organized, easily understood, encourages thought, accurate information.
2. Accomplishes Purpose
3. Attracts Interest (Original, good use of color, high quality graphics if used)
4. Workmanship (neat, well secured)
5. Meets Poster Requirements (Size, stiff backing, acetate covering and label)
6. Effective Title
7. Follows exhibit rules and guidelines for specific hobby.

Music – Poster, Binder/Notebook – Create a cover sheet for the cover of your notebook OR the first page inside your notebook.

Include dated music activities log sheets (handwritten or typed)
2. Prepare a list of songs/materials and include why you selected them
3. Include programs, photos and music (no more than 10 pages (20 sides) or download a cd of your performances including song list.

Poster – Create a poster describing some aspect of music that you are involved in. Include pictures, dates, times and things that you enjoy about this topic.

*Please consider exhibiting your musical talents at the performing arts contest in April/May. Participants there may sing, dance, tumble or play an instrument.

Project options listed below. Must include folder with required reports and exhibit tags on all entries:

  1. Books must be read between previous 4-H fair and July 1 of the current
  2. The participant will read 6 (six) books
  3. A report should be completed on all 6 books read. A report form is provided with this project booklet. Include report on back of your poster or with your exhibit. See last page of this project manual for report form.
  4. Choose from the following exhibit options to be entered:

Poster – that tells about a book you read and liked.

• Make a poster that would encourage people to read
• Read 3 or 4 books to someone younger or elderly. Then write a paper about the books and how they were accepted.
• Design a book jacket for a book that you especially liked
• Make a mobile which contains characters from favorite books
• Create original illustrations for a story using a variety of materials.

Your poster should explain historical events and beliefs. Research a different religion each year.
What to Exhibit: Exhibit a poster on the following topics.

• Poster can explain the religion you studied
• Poster can compare two religions; similarities and differences