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Exhibits will be entered into the following classes for judging: Beginner: Grade 3-5; Intermediate: Grade 6-8; Advanced: Grade 9-12.

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Scrapbooking guidelines

Minimum of 5 pages. Entire scrapbook will be judged.

Suggestions for the beginner level:

Layout: Simple 2-3 colors of paper; stickers and die cuts can be used, but are not mandatory.

Cropping: straight cutting of photos using regular scissors or paper cutter. Decorative scissors can be used on colored paper.

Journaling: bullet labeling supplying only the basic information such as who, what, when and where Ex. Jessica, 10, first year of 4-H, showing her cat Tiger.


Keep in mind that the main focus is preservation and not how many stickers or fancy papers you use on your page. Let your pictures and memorabilia be the main focus.


Minimum of 10 pages. Entire scrapbook will be judged.

Suggestions for the intermediate level:

Layout: More creative layout. Creative borders and lettering can be used.

Cropping: Circle, oval and other shaped templates can be used.

Journaling: Captions put bulleted information into sentences. Ex. I won a red ribbon for my second place lamb. I was happy to even place because the competition at our fair is so great.


Using a variety of cropping techniques and page layouts will add interest and creativity to your album. Not everything has to be cropped and “artsy.” Use a nice balance.

Minimum of 15 pages. Entire scrapbook will be judged.

Suggestions for the advanced level:

Layout: May include a pop-up page, pocket page or quilt type layout, but not every page has to be these types. Use techniques you have learned in previous divisions. Include a variety of layouts.

Cropping: Silhouette cropping can be used in addition to techniques you have learned in previous divisions.

Journaling: Use bullets and captions, plus storytelling – writing your thoughts and feelings, telling a complete story or memory on each page. Not every photo has a complete story; please choose the ones deserving of this when you are thinking of your page designs. It is okay to put several photos on a page and just use one of them to tell a story. Label or caption the others on the page. It’s easiest to storytell if you pretend like you’re writing in your diary, or sharing some exciting news with your best friend.