Cars, Trucks, Tanks, Ships, Rockets (non‑functional), Buildings, Animals, etc. All types will be judged together.

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Exhibits must be a small scale replica and meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be of injected styrene plastics
  • Wood, paper, clay, die-cast, or snap together models are not permitted
  • Screws are not permitted
  • Pre-painted or pre-decaled factory models are not permitted

 Do not mount models in such a way as to prohibit them from being fully examined by the judge. Attach label by string directly to model to prevent loss.

 If the model is being built from a kit, include a copy of the instructions with the craft information card.


Attach to project – 4-H-618-W “4-H Craft Information Card” for description of work completed on the project.


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Purdue Extension Dubois County
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Each year the exhibit should be more advanced than the previous year.

Exhibits will be entered into the following classes for judging:

Beginner: Grade 3-5 

Intermediate: Grade 6-8

Advanced: Grade 9-12

All Levels - 4-H member can exhibit 1 or more projects utilizing different techniques and project was completed in current year.

Don't Forget Your Craft Card

Don't Forget Your Craft Card