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Exhibits will be entered into the following classes for judging:

Exhibits will be entered into the following classes for judging:

Beginner: Grade 3-5

Intermediate: Grade 6-8

Advanced: Grade 9-12.

Each year should be more advanced than the previous year. Recommend wrapping packages throughout the year to improve your skills for your exhibit. All Levels - 4-H member can exhibit 1 or more projects of their own design utilizing different techniques and project was completed in current year.


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Attach to project – 4-H-618-W “4-H Craft Information Card” for description of work completed on the project.

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Do NOT put a gift in the wrapped package.

The package should contain a baggie of sand or dirt that will help weigh the package down and make it easier to display. Each wrapped package should include an index card containing the following information: 1. theme 2. occasion for the gift 3. gender and age of the recipient

Gift Wrapping: Arts and Crafts

Note: The desired exhibit has no tape showing and all raw edges are folded over/under.
Feel free to search online for more ideas to create your gift-wrapping exhibit.

Exhibit a wrapped package. Make your own simple bows using any type of ribbon, yarn, cord or raffia.  Do not use purchased bows. Be creative and imaginative. Some suggestions: flowers, bells, clowns, animals, leftover cards, etc.

Exhibit a wrapped package. Use a variety of papers, fabrics, scarves, or other materials for wrapping. Some additional suggestions: Use a variety of trims, ribbons, and types of self-made bows; cylinder-shaped package; wrapped using any material other than commercial paper.


Exhibit a wrapped package. Attach a card to the gift indicating occasion and age of receiver. Some suggestions: incorporate fancy ideas (make box or package into a clown, animal, flower, bell, snowman, etc.), design own materials, make own paper (roller painting, string painting, dip dyeing, potato printing, and stenciling), fabric, felt, newspaper cut-outs, burlap, etc.

Don't Forget Your Craft Card

Don't Forget Your Craft Card

Don't Forget
Don't Forget your Craft Card
Downloadable Craft Card