Cass County 4-H

Cass County 4-H is supported by the 4-H Board of Directors, made of 11 elected Council members who can serve two terms of three years, and the 4-H Council, which is made up of two representatives for each Cass County township. 

Council members and Directors are elected at the Cass County 4-H Association Annual Meeting, held annually in September. 

Cass County 4-H Association WEbsite

The Cass County 4-H Association, Inc. website is where you can inquire about renting the Cloverleaf or Community Center at the fairgrounds, become a vendor during the fair, make a donations, sponsor a trophy or award, pay a 4-h Livestock auction invoice and more! 

New in 2024: pay for your award or sponsorship with a credit card on the 4-H Association Website.

4-H Board of Directors 2023/2024

President: Mark Mettler

Vice President: Scott Jackson 

Secretary: Jewell Personett 

Treasurer: Austin Guckien 

Kory Wilson 

Scott Albaugh 

Tommy Hook 

Megan Peppers

Kory Wilson 

Andrea Freeman 

David Noel 

Steve Russell

4-H Council for 2023/2024
Township Name Name
Adams Cindy Scott Cyrena Staller
Bethlehem Bryan Kistler John Mussellman
Boone Tresa Breedlove Erica Heater
Clay Jewell Personett Joshua Cunningham
Clinton David Noel Andrea Freeman
Deer Creek Tara Helm Dave Helms
Eel Cindy Howard Mark Guckien
Harrison Beth Musselman Mark Musall
Jackson Kory Wilson Tommy Hook
Jefferson Nicole Wallace Kristen M. Farrer
Miami Grace Scott Wes Scott
Noble Kendra Personett Mark Mettler
Tipton Sheila Knight Marvin Jones
Washington Brad Berlet Scott Rush
At-Large Duane Scott
Additional Council members Name
1 Kayla Gibson
2 Kim Mettler
3 Elizabeth Mettler
4 Brooklyn Fale
5 Ashley Berry
6 Dave Morris
7 Steve Russell
8 Scott Albaugh
9 Elizabeth Thomas
10 Mellisa Mennen
11 Austin Guckien
12 Jessica Boucher
13 Heidi Rudicel
14 Tony Plank