4-H Static Projects

Static Project FAQ

Project manuals are typically $2 guides for each static project. These manuals are age-appropriate and include hands-on activities. They are helpful for gathering ideas for exhibits for the fair and learning more about the project. Activity completion in the manual is not required for project entry at the fair but is recommended as a learning opportunity.

You can purchase a manual at any time from the Brown County Extension Office. We recommend working on these activities throughout the year as a fun weekend or school break project.

4-H poster projects require a 22" by 28" poster with a stiff backing and plastic covering. We sell these posters and poster sleeves for $5 a set.

The 4-H program welcomes all youth to learn and grow at a level that is most appropriate for them. We can certainly provide accommodations, such as alternate project guidelines and judging criteria, so that your 4-Her may experience an appropriate challenge and success. Unlike school settings, we are not privy to such information regarding your youth's needs and encourage you to reach out with requests for accommodations so that we can prepare and communicate with all involved.

On the Thursday before 4-H Camp (which is always the first full week of June), Brown County 4-Hers will bring their static projects to the Exhibit Building on the fairgrounds. At the judging event, 4-Hers will receive a label to attach to the bottom right corner. Then, they will wait in line for their project's judge to be available. When the judge is available, they will show their project to the judge, who will ask them general questions such as, "What did you learn? What was your favorite part? What was hardest part of this project?" The judge will then collect the project from the 4-Her and award it a blue, red, or white ribbon. Blue equates to meeting project requirements, red equates to missing a requirement, and white equates to not meeting most or all requirements.

Once judging has closed that evening, the judge will select the winners and finish their scorecards. Each project has division winners that receive purple champion ribbons and lavender reserve champion winners. Divisions correspond to age groupings or project types depending upon the project. The champion winners compete against each other for grand champion - a purple rosette ribbon - and reserve grand champion - a lavender rosette ribbon. 

Additionally, the judge can select projects to go to the Indiana State Fair. Most of our projects are eligible for the State Fair, and you can check the project guidelines to see how many from each project are eligible for this distinction. The 4-H educator delivers the projects and retrieves them from the State Fair.

Both the ribbon(s) and scorecard will be attached to the project, and 4-Hers and their families may see how their project was judged on the first day of the fair at 5 P.M. Projects are then picked up the Sunday after the fair from 2-4 P.M.