Remote Work Certificate

Remote work is any form of work in which you are not required to regularly commute to and work from a centralized location. Since 2005, remote work has grown by 173%. This means that regardless of where you live, there are work opportunities which you can take advantage of today.

The Purdue Center for Regional Development/Purdue Extension Community Development have partnered with Utah State University Extension to offer the Remote Work Professional certificate course, a 1-month specialized training which combines online work with interactive workshops. This educational program is designed to equip workers with the tools and skills needed to work from home as a remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Specific objectives and outcomes for each module of the course are identified at the beginning of each set of modules. The program consists of nine core modules, delivered in a self-paced, online format, and four interactive workshops.

What you will learn

The program consists of nine core modules with the following objectives:

  1. Module 1-Work Day: Learn more about the components of an average day in the life of a remote worker, including mobile office, flexible schedule, and equipment.
  2. Module 2-Communication: Discuss the unique strategies and requirements of virtual communication, including styles, tools, and empathy.
  3. Module 3-Workflow: Understand the processes of task management, including projects, delegation, goals, and tracking.
  4. Module 4-Productivity and Time Management: Evaluate the strategies for effective independent personal management, including productivity, motivation, and scheduling.
  5. Module 5-Teams: Learn about how teamwork occurs in a virtual work environment, including trust, project collaboration, and "netiquette."
  6. Module 6-Compliance: Discuss the legal precautions of working online, including information security, risk prevention, and office compliance.
  7. Module 7-Critical Thinking: Understand how to problem solve autonomously, including finding resources for solutions, earning trust, and filtering information.
  8. Module 8-Virtual Careers: Evaluate and prepare for virtual career options, including personal branding, virtual job search processes, and remote industry options.
  9. Module 9-Remote Job Development: Design the remote career of your choice and prepare a proposal for your Program Coordinator.

Upon completing this program, you will join a growing online community of remote work professionals that support each other by sharing best practices and job opportunities. Learn more and register for an upcoming course. 

For general questions about the program or how to register for the program, please feel free to contact any of the team members listed below.

Tanya Hall

Community Development Regional Educator


Melinda Grismer

Community & Regional Development Specialist




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