Community Economics & Workforce Development

Becoming the Employer of Choice

This program is geared towards current and future farm managers/owners, agribusinesses and small business owners who are looking to improve their human resource management (HRM) skills. The program includes hands-on activities to engage managers to increase management awareness and ability.

Interactive sessions aim to build skills in a wide variety of human resource management topics important to farm businesses and small businesses. Learn from other farmers and managers to take home effective and practical approaches to human resource management.

This program, adapted from University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension, focuses on human resources skills of managers within farm and small businesses. The objectives of the program include:

  1. Learn how different leadership styles are used on the farm and in small businesses
  2. Reduce mis-hires and turnover through hiring best practices
  3. Learn about organizational culture and how it affects employee motivation and engagement
  4. Identify keys to creating a motivating work environment
  5. Learn how to effectively communicate expectations to employees
  6. Develop skills to provide more effective feedback
  7. Learn methods for addressing and working through conflict

The content of this program is often presented via an interactive daylong training. Session topics include:

  1. From Managers to Leaders
  2. Developing a Motivated Workforce
  3. Hiring the Right People
  4. The Farm/Small Business Culture
  5. Strategic Leadership and On-Boarding
  6. Reviews and Feedback
  7. Managing Conflict

To learn more about Becoming the Employer of Choice-Collaborative Project, contact

Tanya Hall
Community Development Regional Educator

Jennifer Logue
Purdue Extension-Union County Director/ANR Educator



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