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Learn more about a local initiative to promote agriculture packaged, raised, processed, and grown in Indiana by visiting the Indiana Grown Website.

Local agriculture branding initiative for Indiana to elevate/promote all agriculture packaged, raised, processed, and grown in Indiana. This resource has information for producers and consumers.

Indiana Grown Website



Learn more about Indiana's many Local Food Councils by visiting the website below.

Information About Local Food Councils




Learn more about the Farm to school also known as Indiana Grown for Schools, by visiting the Farm to School Website.

Farm to School implementation differs by location, and in Indiana, it is also sometimes referred to as Indiana Grown for Schools. This resource has information for producers, buyers, school staff, etc.

Farm to School Website



Learn more about Vegetables and fruits at the Purdue FoodLink website.

A resource for anyone who has ever stood in front of produce and wondered, “What is that?” or “What do I do with that?” Learn more about vegetables/fruits, including how to select, prepare, and care for them. This resource also helps for understanding what produce is in season during different times of the year.

FoodLink Website



The Purdue Student Farm is a small, sustainable farm managed by the Dept of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture. They grow beautiful vegetables and herbs using the principles that naturally govern balanced ecosystems. Sign up for their CSA or learn more via this link:

Learn more about Purdue's Nature of Teaching K-12 curriculum by visiting The Nature of Teaching Curriculum website.

Standards-based curricula and informal activity-based curricula all centered around getting Indiana youth outside. The three program areas of the formal curricula include: Wildlife, Health and Wellness, and Food Waste. Each program area provides standards-based lesson plans free as a downloadable PDF. Lesson plans are classroom ready for grades K-12.

The Nature of Teaching Curriculum Website



The USDA has an improved website to list farmers markets. The directory is designed to provide customers with access to information about market locations, directions, operating times, produce offerings, accepted forms of payment, etc. Local Food Directories page

Learn more about how the Purdue Extension Signature, Grass to Garden by visiting the Extension website.

From improving access to fruits and vegetables to educating people on how food is grown, community gardens offer many benefits. Grass to Garden is a Purdue Extension Signature Program to bring Indiana residents together and teach tactics on how to start a community-based garden. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the program aims to provide information focused on more than just growing plants by strengthening agricultural and community development efforts, resulting in healthier communities with improved access to local food.

Community Gardens Website



Learn more about resources to reduce food waste at your school by visiting this Food Rescue website.

Resources, mentoring, tool kits, etc to get your school started for reducing food waste. Good food can be recovered for social service organizations (and not sent to the landfill).


Learn More about consumer resources by visiting the Purdue Publication website.

Publications Website