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The December 2016 Pandemonium is now online. Be sure to read the latest edition of the 4-H Pandemonium newsletter to stay up-to-date with all that is going on in the Porter County 4-H Program!
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Check out the latest Jr. Leader news and info here...
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Indiana 4-H offers numerous opportunities for scholarships and national 4-H events and activities. Application deadline is January 25, 2016. Read on for more info on eligibility and how to apply.
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Online enrollment for 4-H members and volunteers is open! Don't delay, sign up NOW. Read on for information on the enrollment process and get the details on our next enrollment open house where we'll have refreshments, giveaways, and be available to assist YOUTH & VOLUNTEERS with the online enrollment process.
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Do you have a passion for a certain subject matter, hobby, or interest and you'd love to pass it on to youth??? How about leading a *SPARK* club? Or are you a 3rd-12th grader who is looking for a new activity? Read on for details on special interest programs in 4-H...
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The Porter County 4-H Handbook is your ultimate source for information on 4-H projects and fair exhibits. The 2016 version is now available online.

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