Studies have shown that we can reduce seeding rates below the typical planting rates in corn and soybeans across Indiana without hurting yield. Given the tight margins in corn and soybean production, many producers are looking for ways to reduce input costs without negative impacts to yield.
Clark County Extension gets new bees
The Clark County Extension Beekeepers Association welcomed home two breed of bees to add to their Italian bee. The objective of having different breeds is to be able to observe behavioral differences of these breeds as well as observe the differences in their performance (honey production and honey quality). More importantly, these bees will be available for practical training and teaching of CCBA members and 4-H kids interested in beekeeping.
Color Me Green Dash
4-H Logo
Come out and support Clark County 4-H, the local food pantries and your own health by participating in the 2017 Clark County 4-H Color Me Green Dash. Walk, Run or Jog with your friends while getting splashed with paint to color your new t-shirt.
4H Fair
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Clark County Open Class Exhibit Division
ServSafe - Friday, June 16th
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Learn how to foster increased Extension Board and PCARET member engagement by viewing this PowerPoint.
picture of dark rain clouds
With persistent, often heavy rainfall triggering flood alerts throughout Indiana during the last week of April and first week of May, many Hoosiers were concerned about possible damage to homes and newly planted grain crops. In response, Purdue University's Extension Disaster Education Network has compiled a list of online resources that could help Indiana homeowners and farmers coping with the storms' aftermath.

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Purdue Extension Annual Report 2016

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