When thinking about conducting a program on board design, we have to be flexible to the needs of the learner.  Everyone has different points and Clover Gaming can be adapted to meet those needs.  By choosing to use the feedback at the end of each session we are able to see what might need to be received the next time for mastery of skills.  Clover Gaming has a program evaluation as well.  Here are some results we have heard from our participants.

Feedback from our participant's families:

“Thank you for offering this event to the kids. It's always great to expand the children's experience.”
“Hopefully, it will keep her excited to continue to create things and keep her inspired to make a dream to reach for. Thank you for your continued dedication to our children and their future.”
“I love that it can tie learning into their love of games. My boys love to engineer things and learn how everything works. So I'm sure this will fall right into that, impacting the way they look at games."
"I now know that there are strategies.  I have an idea for a board game."
"Makes me appreciate all that time and artwork in the games that I play.”
gameplay  “It is interesting to be able to think about and relate what you learn while you are playing the game.”



SEE IT IN ACTION... On March 30th, 2019, Indiana 4-H hosted Experience 4-H: Science of Games workshops for youth in grades 7-12 at the Indiana IoT Lab in Fishers, IN. Take a look!


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