Policies and procedures

Section 3: 4-H Participation Procedures


3.1 4-H Participation Procedures

There are a number of ways that an individual may participate in 4-H in Indiana. Options are outlined on the Indiana 4-H Website: https://extension.purdue.edu/4-H/about/types-of-involvement.html

4-H Online is the primary method we use to address our risk management policies. Purdue University has approved the use of 4-H Online to fulfill the university’s requirements for youth protection.

Completion of the annual 4-H Online enrollment process allows youth to participate fully in competitive events, activities, and programming offered by the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program. Paper registration may be an accommodation offered for individual programs or family specific needs. County extension offices will ensure that Purdue Youth Protection policies are maintained and captured electronically.

County 4-H programs may not alter Indiana 4-H membership or risk management materials.

Questions regarding the 4-H Online membership process can be directed to the Purdue Extension Office in your county: https://extension.purdue.edu/about/county-office.html.


3.2 4-H Participation Program Fee

Participation in the Indiana 4-H program requires an annual $15 program fee. The fee supports insurance, risk management, club management and other programmatic growth opportunities. Counties may add an additional county 4-H program fee that supports educational resources and programming efforts for the local community. County 4-H program fees cannot be used to subsidize facilities. Counties may not charge a late fee for enrollment at any time.