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Foods: Fruit

Available from July to October

Apples should smell fresh and their stems should be intact. They should have firm, shiny, and smooth skin. Avoid apples with bruises.

Available from June to August

Select blackberries that are shiny.

Available from June to September

Pick berries that are firm. Avoid bruised, damaged, or leaking berries.

Available from July to October

Choose a cantaloupe that is fragrant and that has a cream or yellowish undertone between the netting (the pattern on the outside skin).

Available from June to July

Look for large, firm, bright, shiny cherries. Make sure stems are nice and green.

Sweet cherries should be a darker red or yellow and larger than sour cherries.

Available from July to October

Select firm, plump, smooth, and crisp fruit. Grapes that are firmly attached to the stem are fresh.


Available from August to October

Choose fruit that gives a little to the touch, like an avocado or peach.

Available from June to September

Look for firm, fuzzy peaches that yield to gentle pressure. Inspect at the bottom of a peach for its color. Chose yellow peaches. Avoid blemished peaches.

Available from August to January

Chose pears that are firm. Check the "neck" for ripeness by gently applying pressure to the narrow end of pear with your thumb. If it yields to pressure, then its ready to eat.

Available from October to February


Available from July to September

Choose plums that are slightly soft when gently pressed with your thumb.

Available from June to September

Look for slightly soft and plump berries that are deep in color. Avoid soft or mushy raspberries.

Available from May to July

Look for bright red, shiny strawberries that are firm. The caps should be attached and green.

Available from July to October

Look for a yellowish spot where the watermelon rested on the ground. Pick a symmetrical melon that seems heavy for its size.