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FoodLink is a tool will be of help to you, your family and/or those you serve to make rapid, and informed food related decisions and add to your enjoyment and use of the bounty of specialty crops produced in Indiana.

Ultimately it is hoped that your increased use of fruits and vegetables will contribute to not only some delicious food choices as you increasingly incorporate these foods into your diet but will significantly contribute to the health and wellness of you, your family and /or those you serve as an advisor.

The FoodLink tool is a work product of many talented individuals who each in their own way made FoodLink what it is and built a foundation of infrastructure and collaboration on which future improvements of and additions to FoodLink will be built.

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Organizations Utilizing FoodLink

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Food Safety at Farmers Markets

With the increased complexity of the product offerings at farmers’ markets, health departments have become more involved in ensuring food safety. This publication offers information to market masters and vendors on keeping consumers safe by examining food safety regulations.

Food Safety At Farmers Markets and Agritourism Venues

This publication provides a basic guide to understanding food-safety issues relevant to farmers markets and agritourism operations. It is designed for farmers, ranchers, and certified farmers’ market managers but can also be useful as a resource for educating employees about food-safety concerns and regulations and as a reference for other agricultural professionals.

Sampling Foods at Farmers’ Markets

Providing product samples to customers at a farmers’ market adds to the experience of the market and is helpful in educating shoppers about farm products and perhaps increasing sales. Samples can be offered in a food safe manner with some basic care. Though written for Michigan this publication offers good insight into basic good practices to ensure that the enjoyable experience of sampling does not become a food safety concern.

Farmers Market Shopping Tips for Shoppers

Farmers Market Shopping Tips

Shopping at a farmers’ market can be a wonderful family experience but in addition to being fun it can also be good for you and your community. This document includes valuable tips and suggestions on how to find and keep the best quality and ensure the best shopping experience possible. There are also questions that shoppers may wish to ask to help in the buying process.

Another Category Name

Kitchen Utensils

Having the right kitchen tools can make cooking easier and more fun! However, you don't need every tool in the store. Before you buy that next piece of kitchen equipment, check the following tips and suggestions.

Recipe Substitutions

Want to reduce the fat content in a recipe but maintain the quality and flavor? Try these easy and inexpensive substitutions. Your family will appreciate the flavor and you will know they are eating healthier!

Pantry Staples

Dashing to the store at the last minute is the pits. What a waste of prime time! Keep these basic staples stashed in the pantry ... and cooking’s cool.

Storing Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetable quality and flavor are fleeting. Storing them properly maintains their useful life. Some fruits and vegetables are best stored in the refrigerator…others on the kitchen counter. Knowing the difference will reduce expensive food waste and enhance your kitchen experience.

Kitchen Measurements

A teaspoon a tablespoon…does it make a difference? YOU BET IT DOES!!! This quick reference has it all. From how to properly measure common ingredients, substitutions for ingredients that you might not have on hand, how to follow a recipe, reading food labels, basic food safety and even how to use a grocery list!

Meet the FoodLink Team

Development Team

  • Andrew Banta*
  • Joan Crow*
  • Jodee Ellett*
  • Cindie Gosnell*
  • Gina Price*
  • Kevin Smith*
  • Kenny Wilson*

Content Development Team

  • Mandy Gray*
  • Lauren Neuenschwander
  • Lali Hess

Video Team

  • Kelsey Getzin
  • Steve Doyle
  • Joan Crow
  • Chef Allison Kingery

The Marketing and Outreach Team

  • Jerry Shafer
  • Russ Merzdorf
  • Kevin Smith
  • Charles Wineland

The Advisory Team (other advisory team members indicated by asterisks elsewhere)

  • Sarah Hanson
  • Kathleen Sprouse
  • Emily Toner
  • Laura Hormuth
  • Michelle Shippy
  • Maggie Stephon

The Purdue Expert Review Team

  • Bruce Bordelon
  • Jodee Ellett
  • Lisa Graves*
  • Sarah Hanson
  • Peter M Hirst
  • Rosie Lerner
  • Melissa Maulding, MS, RD*
  • Liz Maynard*

We sincerely appreciate the financial support made possible through the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant program as administered by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) - without which FoodLink would be impossible.