A second tier to provide extension educators, specialists, and farmers throughout the state an understanding of what pests, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and any additional issues may be occurring. Crop scouting provides an additional layer to Purdue On The Farm to connect with and serve farmers and crop professionals, and to better understand what issues are occurring in many fields and environments around Indiana. In addition, crop scouting will help us understand how various issues may be addressed now and in the future. 


Timely crop scouting reports (early season, mid-season, and late-season) provide the necessary information to direct our research and outreach interests. In 2022, a total of 800 acres across 15 counties were scouted to provide important in-season updates to Purdue extension educators and specialists. Overall, these scouting efforts will improve face-to-face contact with your county educators, provide an additional understanding of what is occurring within your own fields, and direct specialists for more targeted extension materials specific to the stresses and pest pressures occurring throughout Indiana. Furthermore, crop scouting will help extension educators and specialists track and inform additional farmers and crop professionals throughout the state of necessary pest pressures and environmental conditions which may detrimental to crop production.  



Scott Gabbard

ANR Extension Educator