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The Animal Science Team produces and provides a list of resources for producers to help provide up-to-date information and news on goat related topics.

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Boer Goat Kid Care: Pre and Post Weaning Tips

Purdue Extension Elkhart County

Boer Goat Weaning Tips

Purdue Small Ruminant Webinars

The Small Ruminant Team has an Extensive Collection of Sheep and Goat Webinars.

Small Ruminant YouTube Playlist

Cornell Goat Blog

Cornell Goat Resources: Information for New Owners, Meat Goat Management, Goat Facilities, Goat Genetics and Reproduction, Goat Health, Products, Marketing Products, and more!

Cornell Goat Blog

eXtension Goat Resource Page

Goat Related Resources: Dairy Goats, Feeding and Nutrition, General Production and Management, Health and Biosecurity, Housing/ Facilities, Kidding, Marketing and Products, and More!

eXtension Goat Resource Page