4-H NExt Chapter

A college and career, access to post-secondary program designed for Indiana youth. The program includes partnerships between Indiana 4-H and Purdue University, other post-secondary institutions’ admission programs, and Indiana high schools and middle schools.

  • Develop your employability skills
  • Learn about the admissions process for post-secondary programs
  • Explore all your options
  • Be ready for your future! 

Purpose, Vision, and Goals

Our Purpose

To help youth meet employability skills and admission requirements for Indiana post-secondary institutions, to expand access to all forms of post-secondary education and equity across programs, and to keep youth engaged in 4-H during 8th – 12th grades.

Our Vision

4-H Next Chapter strives to be the standard in Indiana for supporting youth in their goals for post-secondary education and beyond. 

Goal Statement

The goal of 4-H Next Chapter is to advance positive youth development by bridging the gaps between high school and post-secondary education experienced by underserved youth, reinforcing the value of post-secondary education in youth, and guiding youth to build skills for success beyond high school. 

For more information on 4-H Next Chapter, please reach out to Regional Educator for 4-H Next Chapter, Jennifer Abrell.

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