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1. It is strongly encouraged that members attend all meetings. Attend 4 meetings and 2 activities to attend party/trip, at the end of the year.

2. Members must turn in completed record sheet at time of Livestock Check-in. Members must turn in completed records

3. A member must show a rabbit in a breed class in order to show a rabbit in a meat class. Members are encouraged to do showmanship or a demonstration each project year.

4. No rabbit may be shown in two classes. EXCEPTION: A Meat Pen rabbit may be shown in the Single Fryer class.

5. Exhibit will be open to all recognized breeds. Approved by ARBA

6. Enrollment and ownership deadline for all 4-H Rabbits including intent to exhibit in meat classes is May 15th.

7. Individualized identification by tattoo permanently and legibly in each rabbit’s left ear is required at time of enrollment and must be recorded on the County Livestock Enrollment Form by May 15th. For young juniors that are still in nest box, or those not yet born by May 15, write “not yet born” or “still in nest box” on the age class line and fill out the rest of the form accordingly.

8. There is no limit on the number of rabbits a 4-H member may register as long as the 4-H member owns all of the rabbits and cares for them by May 15.

9. A 4-H member may enter three (3) approved breeds of rabbits, with two entries per class accepted in each breed. (Where a breed has several varieties, they will constitute one breed).

10. Rabbits will be judged according to the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) standard. We follow ARBA and State Fair Rules

11. Members may sell only one meat class entry in the 4-H auction and must notify the superintendent at the time of check in which meat class entry they wish to sell in the auction.

12. Live Meat Classes: (Rabbits shown in Meat Pen, Single Fryer, Roaster, or Stewer classes are not eligible to be shown as Breed Animals).

Meat Pen – consist of three (3) rabbits of same breed and variety. They can be opposite or same sex. Not over 10 weeks of age. They should be of equal size. Minimum weight 3 ½ pounds each. Maximum weight 5 ½ pounds each.

Single Fryers – not over ten (10) weeks of age Minimum weight of 3 ½ pounds. Maximum weight of 5 ½ pounds. This animal may be chosen from one of the meat pen rabbits. Roaster–All rabbits entered in this class must be under 6 months of age. Minimum weight over 5 ½ pounds. Maximum weight 9 pounds.

Stewer – All rabbits entered in this class must be 6 months of age or over. Minimum weight over 8 pounds.

Recommended Meat Class Rabbit Breeds

Californians, Americans, Cinnamons, Champagne D’ Argents Crème D’ Argents, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Rex, Flemish Giant American, Giant, and Standard Chinchilla, Satin, Palomino

13. All 4-H Rabbit members will provide their own water dish and feed for each rabbit exhibited. The exhibitor is also responsible for care and cleanliness of assigned pens.

14. 4-H members may only bring twenty four (24) rabbits per member, plus meat class rabbits (meat pen, roaster, stewer, or fryer), making 28 total cages.

15. Pens will be assigned by “Pen Assignment Sheet” which is due June 1st unless an earlier date is established by the Livestock Committee.

16. 4-H members must carry their own rabbits to and from the judging table. Only 4-H members may be at the judging table – NO ADULTS.

17. NO breeding of rabbits on fairgrounds property.

18. No butchering animals on fairgrounds.

19. No pets/animal project allowed in the rabbit barn that are not enrolled in the project.

20. No rabbits from retail facilities (Rural King, Tractor Supply, Pet shops)

21. Pedigrees are recommended

RABBIT PROJECT DRESS CODE Neat and clean apparel of any type may be worn. Long sleeves are recommended for the showman’s safety. Show coats and hats with breed and/or Rabbit name as identifications are optional. Comfortable shoes are recommended. This dress code is in accordance with the Indiana State 4-H Rabbit Committee recommendations and sanctioned ARBA show rules.

RABBIT CLASSES Exhibits may make entries in these age classes; Senior Buck Senior Doe 6/8 Buck (between 6 & 8 months old) 6/8 Doe (between 6 & 8 months old) Junior Buck (under 6 months old) Junior Doe (under 6 months old)

REMARK CARD ENTRIES Each 4-H exhibitor should prepare the appropriate entries with regard to the breed name, variety, color, age, sex, and class name. This should be done at time of Livestock Check-In


Best in Show

Best 4 Class

Best 6 Class

Best Of Breed*

Best Opposite of Breed*

Champion Meat

Reserve Champion Meat

(*These categories are awarded when four or more rabbits are exhibited within a breed.)

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS Rabbits must not show any symptoms of any communicable disease. NO health certificate is required.


Posters will be turned in, judged and displayed in the Exhibit Hall like a non-walking project.

Any 4-H member can be enrolled in the rabbit poster project.

The purpose of exhibiting a poster is to demonstrate knowledge gained through the 4-H Rabbit Project. One poster will be sent to the State Fair from each level.

The 4-H Rabbit poster exhibits must meet the following standards: Size: 22”x28” displayed horizontally with stiff backing and covered with plastic, accompanied by label in the lower right hand corner.

Must be Original work County division winners will represent Jay County at the Indiana State Fair. These divisions are: Level 1 grades 3-5, Level 2: grades 6-8, and Level 3: grades 9-12.

RABBIT AMBASSADOR CONTEST The contest will consist of the following sections: Live Breed identification (10 breeds) Showmanship Written Test


Each county may nominate five contestants:

One Novice Grades 3 or 4

One Junior Grades 5 or 6

One Intermediate Grades 7 or 8

One Senior Grades 9 or 10

One Master Grades 11 or 12

Category winners at state level are not eligible to compete in the same category again. They may, however, compete in the next higher category. Past winners of the Master category at the state level are not eligible to compete again.

One (1) alternate in each category should be entered on the county’s entry form in the event that the nominated contestant is unable to participate.

Winners or their alternates at county contest may represent Jay County in the State Fair Contest.

Rabbit Royalty References: 4-H 847-W Rabbit Showmanship Score Sheet 4-H 849-W Breed Identification Score Sheet 21 All kids must meet minimum requirements of the ambassador contest

RABBIT SHOWMANSHIP GUIDELINES Showmanship contest will be held during the annual 4-H Fair to select overall winner to represent specie in Small Animal Showmanship Contest. Judging is by appearance, presentation, and knowledge.

Novice: grades 3 and any first year members

Junior: grades 4-7

Senior: grades 8-12


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