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2020 Allen County Posts

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Purdue Extension.

The Tree from Space at Fox Island

Very rarely, here in Indiana, do we think of plants achieving their greatest heights in December. For one sycamore tree at Fox Island, December...

Purdue Extension.

2019 Purdue Extension - Allen County Annual Report

In 2019, Purdue Extension brought together government agencies, local non-profits, and passionate community advocates to support projects that...

Purdue Extension.

Current Master Gardeners of Allen County

The Master Gardener Program helps gardeners grow by providing them with intensive training in horticultural principles. Participants, in turn,...

Purdue Extension.

4-H General Information

4-H is a program that gives young people an advantage. It gives them the chance to learn new skills and build self confidence. Youth as young as...

Purdue Extension.

Soil Sampling

Purdue Extension - Allen County offers soil testing services to analyze the nutrient levels of your soils. We also help you understand your results...

Purdue Extension.

Allen County Extension Homemakers Organization

Allen County Extension Homemakers began in 1916. Community clubs meet monthly, support agencies, participate in county events, take tours, attend...

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