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We improve lives and livelihoods by delivering tested and trusted educational resources. The Cooperative Extension Service is one of the nation's largest providers of scientific research-based information and education. It's a network of colleges, universities, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, serving communities and counties across America. The Purdue Extension focuses on: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Human and Health Sciences, Economic and Community Development and 4-H Youth.

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combine unloading corn to truck parked on road
Safety is Important to Everyone

Large farm equipment is beginning to travel local roads for fall harvest operations. As a driver,...

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Beautiful Queen of Autumn – Chrysanthemum

If you go to nearly any garden center in autumn, one flower that’s almost sure to be...

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Soil Tests Take Guesswork out of Fertilization

Whether you are a farmer growing crops or a homeowner growing vegetables or a nice lawn,...

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Enhancing Your Landscape Aesthetics with Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs offer a multitude of opportunities to enhance your landscape aesthetics. With...

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Large Spots on Maple Leaves that Look Like Tar

As popular as these trees are, people become alarmed about this time of year when the leaves on...

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Spotted lanternfly 4th instar nymphs
New Invasive Insect Pest Found in Northern Indiana

Last August, I wrote about an invasive insect pest new to Indiana that was found in far...

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