Pocket Pets

The 4-H Pocket Pet Project provides youth a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their unique animal. Subjects such as such as general care, nutrition, housing, and health care are presented in the curricular materials, through workshops, and in preparation of an exhibit. Youth also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills.

PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Kay Dugger, 317-696-4473, Kdugger@comcast.net 

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN:          Sunday, July 23, 11:30 AM

JUDGING:                          Sunday, July 23, Noon, Open Judging

RELEASE:                          Sunday, July 23, Immediately following Pocket Pet show

STATE FAIR ENTRIES:      No entries, County project only

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