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Pulaski County Extension Weekly Updates Find out what it happening in your local Extension office. Each week we publish a weekly update of events happening in each area of Extension - 4-H/Youth, Agricutlure, Extension Homemakers and the Learning Center. If you're not receiving an update direct to your email please contact us at 574-946-3412 to get your email added (or changed!) Thank you.
Pulaski County Extension Chords present "CELEBRATE MUSIC" Sunday, April 26th
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Find out what is happening in the Pulaski Co. Extension Office. Fair is coming as well as numerous other events. Check out each section of newsletter.
Here is an excerpt from the Extension Homemakers (EH) Spring Newsletter where Deb Winter and Sue Nies, Family & Nutrition Program Assistants for Purdue Extension - Pulaski County share an Easy Stuffed Shells recipe.