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Bipedal vs. Hexapedal Wonders

June 4, 2020
Hand drawn footprints of biped and hexaped

After my children progressed from the stage where they argued with friends about whose dad was biggest or whose dad could beat up whose dad, they moved on to more civil comparisons. It was always interesting for me to hear them try to explain what their dad does. “My dad is a bug doctor. That’s not a real doctor, you know, but just a bug doctor of bugs. He doesn’t actually help anyone like a real doctor – but just sort of looks at bugs.” Then they moved on to something they could actually be proud of, like their mother’s cooking.

Those conversations left me wondering for many years if there was something I could use my entomology training for that would really help people … you know, like a real doctor, and thereby impress my children.

After many years of trying, I finally had that opportunity.

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