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Arts and Crafts - Painting and Drawing Project

January 16, 2019

Arts and Crafts - Painting and Drawing record sheets and project guidelines. Click on link and click again to open.  




General Rules

1... Picture no larger than 36 x 36 inches INCLUDING FRAME

2... The exhibit does not need to be an original idea.

3... Progress in mastering skills should be reflected each year.

4... EXAMPLES FOR EXHIBIT:  oil, charcoal, pastels, colored pencil, ink, pencil, acrylic or watercolor or tempera paint, etc.

5... Exhibit must be on canvas, canvas board or paper framed as a picture, ready for hanging. Must use wire for hanging. Project will not be displayed if it does not have a wire. No other form of hanging will be accepted. The exhibit will not be able to displayed if does not have a wire for hanging.

  1. Exhibits on canvas are not required to be framed, but must be ready to hang.
  2. Canvas art on a wooden frame is considered prepared for hanging provided that frame has a hanger. (Must Have Wire)

8... Paint-by-number kits are not acceptable.

9... Computer generated pictures ARE NOT accepted.

10.. Note:  when doing your picture size, don’t forget to include matting and frame in the size requirement.

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