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Elevating Community Impact: Purdue Day of Giving Empowers County Initiatives

Every year, the Purdue Day of Giving stands as a testament to the power of collective generosity and community spirit. Last year's milestone 10th annual Purdue Day of Giving exemplified unprecedented successes and set the stage for an even brighter future. As the 11th annual Purdue Day of Giving approaches, it's heartening to witness how its ripple effects extend beyond the Purdue campus.

Across all 92 Indiana counties, these offices have been diligently fundraising for their respective regions. However, this year brings a significant evolution as counties are granted the opportunity to channel donations specifically towards their county office or their county 4-H and Youth Development programs. This targeted approach empowers donors to align their contributions with causes that resonate most deeply with their values, ensuring that every gift makes a meaningful difference.

As Purdue University gears up for the exhilarating 24-hour online extravaganza, numerous Purdue Extension offices have already charted their course for utilizing the donated funds. The innovative initiatives planned by counties across the state are as diverse as they are inspiring. From enhancing youth education to revitalizing community infrastructure, each project embodies the spirit of progress and inclusivity that defines the Purdue Day of Giving.

Adams County envisions utilizing donations to alleviate financial barriers for young participants by covering state 4-H program fees, fostering equal opportunities for all. 

Hamilton County aims to bolster its Life Sciences program, enriching educational experiences and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders.

Lake County plans to establish an interactive science studio at the county fair, providing hands-on learning opportunities that ignite curiosity and spark creativity.

Miami County seeks to cultivate a love for nature and sustainable living through its Junior Master Gardening program, nurturing environmental stewardship from a young age.

Montgomery County endeavors to enhance the community experience by revitalizing its fairgrounds, creating a vibrant space for gatherings and celebrations.

Steuben County envisions constructing middle school greenhouses, empowering students to explore the wonders of agriculture and environmental science firsthand.

Switzerland County aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into education by providing drones to support STEM education in its Innovation and Design studio, fostering a culture of innovation and inquiry.

To support these impactful county initiatives and contribute to the collective prosperity of Indiana communities, interested donors are encouraged to visit the respective Facebook pages of the counties or find their donation link below.

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