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Shooting Sports-Firearms (2021)

Firearms  - (Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun)

Organizational Meeting -  Monday, June 14th @ 7PM- Cloverdale Conservation Club


Round Robin  Saturday, July 17th   8:30 a.m.


General Requirements:

  1. Comply with all the requirements listed at the beginning of this “4-H Exhibit Hall Project” section page 54 and “Indiana and Putnam County 4-H Policy/ Terms” section page 21.
  2. All members must have properly enrolled in the Putnam County 4-H program.
  3. Each youth enrolled in the 4-H Shooting Sports firearms project will also belong to a local 4-H club of their choosing. The “Shooting Sports 4-H Club” is one of the options.
  4. Each 4-H member and their parents/guardian are required to review and sign the Release of Liability section of the 4-H program enrollment form or online enrollment confirmation form before the member is allowed to participate in the Shooting Sports—Firearms program.
  5. 4-H’ers who want to participate in the gun shooting sessions MUST attend the organizational meeting. At least one of the 4-H’ers parents must also attend this meeting. All meetings and shooting sessions will be held at the Cloverdale Conservation Club.
  6. Participants in the hands on shooting portion of the project must be in the 6thgrade and up as of January 1st of this calendar year. A limited number of shooters will be selected for each discipline– trap shooting, skeet shooting, rifle shooting and handgun shooting. Participants will be selected from those who attended the organizational meeting. An effort will be made to have all 12th graders participate as they requested. There will be a separate selection for each discipline.
  7. A parent (or SS/G committee approved designee) is requested to attend the training and shooting sessions with their child(ren) who are under sixteen (16). The parents of those shooters sixteen and older are also welcome to attend.
  8. All 4-H Shooting Sports-Firearms project members who participate in the actual shooting part of the program should have taken and passed the DNR Hunter Education course before being eligible to participate in the shooting activities.
  9. Each member must have a working knowledge of the “Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety”.
  10. The commands or instructions of the instructors MUST be followed immediately and completely. “HORSE PLAY” WILL NOT BE TOLERATED .  The instructors have the right to have any member leave or exit from the firing line if his/her actions endanger him/herself or his/her fellow members/volunteers or the property around them. See project book for further information.
  11. Each 4-H'er must complete the appropriate Shooting Sports Firearms Record Sheet and submit it to the leader for review and signature by the announced date and present with exhibit at time of judging.
  12. All shooters and any other 4-H'ers who enrolled in the "Shooting Sports –Firearms Exhibit" project are expected to exhibit in the 4-H Exhibit Hall during the fair. 
  13. Posters to be exhibited must be covered with a transparent material to protect exhibit. Overall size of the poster exhibits must be 22” x 28” and displayed horizontally. The poster must have a sturdy back that allows it to be displayed on a rack.
  14. Attach the official Putnam County FairEntry label in the lower right hand corner of poster or to exhibit item. See General  Rules section of the 4-H Project Handbook for sample. 
  15. Notebooks that are displayed (Grades 9-12) with an item or by itself must include detailed information about how your exhibit was completed. Requirements and suggestions are listed with each exhibit grade level on page three of this manual.
  16. If your Exhibit Hall exhibit is selected to go to the ISF, Extension staff may not be able to transport it to the Indiana State Fair. Please review the ISF letter you will receive.
  17. The Putnam County 4-H Council reserves the right to not display any exhibit that may be deemed inappropriate for the fair-going audience.

Exhibit Listing

For the safety of all fairgoers, do not include any of the following in your exhibit:  firearm, live ammunition, and /or usable ammunition.

Any ammunition used in your county fair exhibit must be completely inert (unusable).  These items will not be accepted as part of an Indiana State Fair exhibit.  For each grade be sure to follow all the guidelines listed in the “General Requirements” section of this manual and the current Putnam County “4-H Project Handbook”.

Grade 3

 Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster diagramming a rifle or shotgun and it’s  functional parts.

Title for poster – "Shooting Sports -Parts of a Firearm”.

 Poster can show parts of a handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

Grade 4

Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster sharing the "Ten Commandments

of Gun Shooting”. Title for poster –”Shooting Sports - Ten Commandments of Gun Shooting.” These ten commandments are listed on page 4 of the manual.

Grade 5

Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster sharing the types of ammunition

Title for poster – "Shooting Sports -Types of Gun   Ammunition" Poster can show ammunition for a handgun, shotgun or rifle.

Grade 6

Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster sharing information on how to determine eye dominance.

Title for poster – "Shooting Sports—Shooting Eye  Dominance"

Grade 7

Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster sharing rules of gun safety at home.

Title for poster – "Shooting Sports –Firearms  Safety at    Home"

Grade 8

Exhibit a 22" x 28" poster sharing common actions of guns.

Title for poster –“Shooting Sports -Common actions of Guns” Poster can show common action of a handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

Grade 9

Assemble a gun cleaning kit.  Exhibit the kit with a notebook that explains the uses of the cleaning equipment and supplies, proper way to clean a firearm, and how to store a firearm

Title for Notebook—”Firearm Cleaning Kit” .

Refer to the one page handout that is provided by the Purdue Extension Office which lists what is to be in your gun cleaning kit.

Grade 10-12

Exhibit a firearm related item that is made/project completed or small scale model of a project.

The 4-H’er must also exhibit a notebook along with the item that includes a narrative explaining the research done, planning required, how the exhibit was made, time involved, costs of the project and how the finished exhibit will be used.  You must include pictures, drawings and / or graphs. Suggested options are making a rifle sling, cartridge holder, target stand, bench rest, rifle rest, shooting bench/table, ground pad, wooden shooting box, shell apron, carting case, gun cabinet, cheek pad, etc.

Keep in mind that there might be a size restriction on how large the exhibit can be at the fair.  Should the item be a large exhibit, the 4-H’er needs to contact the 4-H educator to get permission to bring it to the county fair.  The 4-H’er will need to make a smaller replica.


You can exhibit a notebook that shares a detailed description of a exhibit such as making or refinishing a firearm, creating wildlife habitat, range layout, etc.  The notebook must include a narrative explaining the research done, planning required, how the project was made, time involved, costs of the project, and how the finished exhibit will be used.  You must include pictures, drawings and/or graphs.


Advanced topic—Learn all you can about an advanced shooting topic and present it on a poster and/or in a notebook.  Include a short manuscript, pictures, graphs, and list the works cited to describe what you did and what you learned.  Title your poster, “Advanced Shooting Sports-Independent Study”.


Mentoring  -  exhibit a poster that shows how you mentored a younger 4-H member.  Include your planning, the time you spent, the challenges and advantages of mentoring, and how the experience might be useful in your life.  Photographs and other documentation are encouraged.  Title your poster, “Advanced Shooting Sports-Mentor”.

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