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2022 Elkhart County Posts

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tree leaves

2023 Tree Sale

Fall is an excellent time to plan for a spring tree planting. I get calls from two different groups of people wishing to plant trees. One group...

food in freezer

Food Preservation Safety

The invention of the freezer is incredibly helpful when it comes to protecting foods and preserving them for long periods of time. It’s...

gardening tool in dirt

Master Gardener Class Announced for Fall 2022

I am excited to announce there will be a Purdue Extension Master Gardener class held in person in Elkhart County this fall!  Classes will...

cutting meat and vegetables on cutting board

Meat Managing

Have you ever wondered if you are handling meat properly? Some meats should be kept separate from other products to avoid cross-contamination and...

fruits and vegetables

Eat the Rainbow

It is tremendously important for individuals of all ages to maintain a nutritious diet. Make sure to consume all five food groups including dairy,...


2022 Ag Hall Fair Talks

Elkhart County Master Gardeners will be offering advice to gardeners and homeowners in Ag Hall during the 2022 Elkhart County 4-H Fair. Educational...

Swimming Safety

Be Your Own Lifeguard

Swimming is a popular activity during the summer months. With the warm weather, children and adults are doing anything to cool off. Knowing the...

flip flops in the sand

Sun Safety 101

As the weather starts to get warmer, we begin to see the sun more often. It is always refreshing to step outside and enjoy some fresh air or go to...

Firework Fanatics

Firework Fanatics

As we all know, fireworks are a must have when celebrating Independence Day. Children get to see the array of beautiful lights and it’s a fun...

UAV Training

UAV Training

Class participants in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training practiced their newly learned skills. This class was sponsored by Purdue Extension...

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