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2022 Ag Hall Fair Talks

Elkhart County Master Gardeners will be offering advice to gardeners and homeowners in Ag Hall during the 2022 Elkhart County 4-H Fair. 

Educational talks will be scheduled at 1 pm, 2:30 pm and 4 pm each day of fair with the exception of Sunday.

 22-Jul  Friday 

1:00 PM           Jenna Gunden            Lawn Care Tips

2:30 PM           Lois Anderson            Pollinator Gardening Tips & Tricks

4:00 PM           Pam Cecchi                How to Attract Bluebirds!


23-Jul  Saturday        

1:00 PM           Ether Diener              Growing Vegetables

2:30 PM           Ether Diener              Growing Vegetables

4:00 PM           Michael Brown           Raising Blueberries at Home


25-Jul  Monday         

1:00 PM           Lois Anderson             Putting the Able in Disabled Gardening

2:30 PM           Jim Bare                     Three Sister Gardening

4:00 PM           Tracy Byler                  Landscaping Tips & Tricks


26-Jul  Tuesday         

1:00 PM           Eva Ruiz                     Gardening for Well Being

2:30 PM           Lois Anderson             Putting the Able in Disabled Gardening

4:00 PM           Stan Palmer                Garlic: History & Growing Tips


27-Jul  Wednesday   

1:00 PM           Esther Diener              Growing Vegetables

2:30 PM           Lisa Michaud Glenn    Adaptive Gardening

4:00 PM           Gaye Yoder                 Made in the Shade


28-Jul  Thursday        

1:00 PM           Gwen Ferland            Hummingbird Gardening

2:30 PM           Gwen Ferland            Shade Gardening

4:00 PM           Mary Ann Martin        Weed Control Around the House


29-Jul  Friday 

1:00 PM           Joanne Rose              Winter Sowing

2:30 PM           Jenna Gunden            Lawn Care Tips

4:00 PM           Lois Anderson             Pollinator Gardening Tips and Tricks


30-Jul  Saturday        

1:00 PM           Esther Diener             Vegetable Gardening

2:30 PM           Ellen Morey                Vermiculture

4:00 PM           Ellen Morey                Create More Edge Space in your Garden


Throughout the week, Master Gardeners will be manning a booth in Ag Hall to help you answer your gardening questions.  During the 2021 Elkhart County Fair, more than 200 people were helped with questions ranging from sick looking plants to when to fertilize lawns.  Feel free to bring samples of any sick plants or insects you want to identify to their booth at the fair. 

Master Gardeners is a volunteer training program offered by Purdue Extension.  Master Gardeners receive training on many horticulture subjects, and then give volunteer educational time back to the community.  Purdue Extension - Elkhart County will be offering a Master Gardener training this fall. For more information, visit

Download the Ag Hall Talk Schedule here.

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