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2023 Tree Sale

Fall is an excellent time to plan for a spring tree planting.  I get calls from two different groups of people wishing to plant trees.  One group is the conservationists, who wish to plant trees for reforestation, wildlife habitat, erosion control, or similar purposes.  The other category of people wishing to buy trees are homeowners, who want to buy that special tree, or a group of trees to improve the landscaping and environment around their property.   

For those wishing to purchase large quantities of trees, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is a good place to shop.  IDNR sells a wide variety of conifer and deciduous seedlings.  The minimum tree order is 100 trees.  The seedlings are bare-root stock, which means a bundle of 100 trees would easily fit into the trunk of your car.  The trees are sold for conservation use, not for general landscaping or resale. They will deliver to you next spring. 

IDNR includes a wide variety of trees this season, including 3-year-old evergreen seedlings (northern white cedar, red pine, Norway spruce, and white pine) for $43 per 100 trees.  IDNR has 1- to 2-year-old conifer seedlings (Norway Spruce, white pine, and Virginia pine) for $33 per 100 trees and 27 species of 1 to 3 year old deciduous trees (including walnut, bald cypress, and 13 different species of oaks) for $39 to $45 per 100 trees. 

IDNR also offers a “select line” black walnut, white oak and black cherry, for $48.  These trees have been selected for their improved growth performance, and will sell out quickly. 

The IDNR State Nursery sells a number of small trees and shrub seedlings as special packets for wildlife, uplands, bottom lands, nuts and fine hardwoods. The whole IDNR order form is posted at  It is important to get your order in early to get your pick of tree species.

For smaller quantities of trees for a backyard planting, Michiana Master Gardeners and Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District also have a sale.  The order deadline for this sale is January 6, 2023 for the early bird discount, and March 3 for the final deadline. These trees will be available to pick up on March 25.  This sale includes 13 varieties of trees that are native to the region, or are well suited for our area.  Trees are sold in packages of 5, 10, or 25.  You can view the offering by clicking the link below or visit the Purdue Extension Office in Elkhart County for a copy. 

Download, view, or print tree sale form here.

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