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4-H Sewing

This is a series on how to sew. Participants sew garments of increasing difficulty as they progress. The garments range from simple items to a tailored suit or coat. There are also non wearable options to sew.

Exhibits will be judged according to grade level
Level 1 for Grades 3-4
Level 2 for Grades 5-6
Level 3 for Grades 7-8-9
Level 4 for Grades 10-11-12

Skills Card & Sewing Achievement Sheet - Due at Check In

Fashion Show Revue Information - Due ONLINE June 30, 2021

Fashion Show Revue Judging - July 6, 2021 Registration at 4:30 Judging on a first come first serve basis

State Fair Entry available for this project.

For project requirements and skills sheets, see Related Files below or contact the Extension Office.

Related Files

Sewing Grade 3 & 4 Achievement Sheet
Sewing Grade 5 & 6 Achievement Sheet
Sewing Grade 7, 8 & 9 Achievement Sheet
Sewing Grade 10, 11 & 12 Achievement Sheet
Sewing Grade 3-4 Skills Card
Sewing Grade 5 Skills Card
Sewing Grade 6 Skills Card
Sewing Grade 7 Skills Card
Sewing Grade 8-12 Skills Card
Allen County 4-H General Record Sheet
Sewing project Rules 2021
Fashion Revue Letter 2021
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