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What are you most thankful for?



“I’m thankful for the ability to use technology to keep programs going—and to add in new elements.” ~ Gina Anderson

“I am thankful for all of the ways Purdue has gone above & beyond to address the safety and protection of staff, faculty, students and the communities we serve throughout the pandemic.” ~ Cindy Barber

“I am thankful for my family and friends. Also, for the opportunity the current situation has created to slow down our pace of life and reconnect with what is really important.” ~ Cheri Brown

“I’m thankful that in this time of stress, stretching over months, I have found out how caring and compassionate most of the people I know and am involved with are.” ~ Curt Emanuel

“I am thankful for my colleagues, friends and family—and being able to pivot at a moment’s notice in this pandemic.” ~ Mary Foell

“Being able to enjoy the family and friends.” ~ Roberto Gallardo

“I am thankful for a faith that sustains and love of family/friends that abides during turbulent times.” ~ Melinda Grismer

“I am thankful for a compassionate and supportive group of colleagues who have weathered the sharp changes brought forth by COVID-19.” ~ Tanya Hall

“I am thankful for family, friends, and a job that allowed for flexibility and innovation during a challenging time.” ~ Nick Held

“Friends and family, great colleagues, and a stable job.” ~ Bill Horan

“Thankful for friends, family and my supportive CD colleagues! I am also thankful for recently acquired Internet, which will allow me to connect with them at home.” ~ Patty Keating

“I’m thankful for Jesus and my family, as well as my work family.” ~ Annette Lawler

“I am thankful for family, friends and good health.” ~ George Okantey

“I am thankful for our programming partners who collaborated with us this year to provide some awesome programming in unusual circumstances.” ~ Tamara Ogle

“I am thankful for so many colleagues and leaders who have responded to the pandemic with thoughtfulness, compassion, and flexibility.” ~ Kris Parker

“I’m thankful for my family, friends, and good health.” ~ Krista Pullen

“I am thankful for caring people around me.” ~ Jan Reed

“I’m so thankful for a wonderful family, friends, and a professional support network.” ~ Kara Salazar

“An inclusive group of Extension professionals.” ~ Hans Schmitz

“The ongoing support and feedback from colleagues as we worked through the many adverse circumstances over the past few months.” ~ Lupe Valtierra

“I am thankful for the level of stability I have been able to maintain throughout 2020. Many things have changed, but my core life has remained unshaken.” ~ Crystal Van Pelt

“I’m thankful for family, friends, good health, peace, and flexibility.” ~ Kristi Whitacre

“I am thankful for the proactive nature of our Community Development team and the fact that their impact is driven by a productive mixture of applied research, empathy, compassion, collaboration, and expertise.” ~ Michael Wilcox

“My family, rocking friends, and for landing here professionally.” ~ Elisa Worland

“Being able to spend time with my family right now.” ~ Steve Yoder

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