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4-H General Projects

March 25, 2019



Please see the bottom of the page "Related Files" to find all the project requirements.


If you have any questions on any of these please call our office at 812-663-8388 or call your leader for more information.


Record Sheets

 Arts and Crafts Record Sheet                                  

Cake Decorating Record Sheet                    

Consumer Clothing Record Sheet                             

Crops Record Sheet (Corn, Grain-Corn, Grain-Soybean, Soybean & Wheat)            

General Record Sheet                                             

Electric I Record Sheet                                            

Electric I "What I Have Done" Record Sheet              

Electric II Record Sheet                                          Photography Record Sheet

Electric II "What I Have Learned" Record Sheet        Sewing Record Sheet - Grade 3

Electric III Record Sheet                                        Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 4

Electric IV Record Sheet                                          Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 5

Advanced Electric Record Sheet                              Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 6

Entomology Record Sheet                                      Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 7

Floriculture A Record Sheet - Grades 3-4                  Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 8-9

Floriculture B Record Sheet - Grades 5-6                  Sewing Record Sheet – Grade 10-12

Floriculture B PLANT Record Sheet - Grades 5-6        Soil and Water Record Sheet

Floriculture C Record Sheet - Grades 6-9                  Shooting Sports Record Sheet

Floriculture D Record Sheet - Grades 10-12              SportFishing Record Sheet

Floriculture D PLANT Record Sheet - Grades 10-12    Weather and Climate Record Sheet

Forestry Record Sheet - Grades 3-5                        Wildlife Record Sheet - Grades 3-4

Forestry Record Sheet - Grades 6-8                        Wildlife Record Sheet - Grades 5-6

Forestry Record Sheet - Grades 9-12                      Wildlife Record Sheet - Grades 7-9

Genealogy Record Sheet                                        Wildlife Record Sheet - Grades 10-12

Geology Record Sheet - Grades 3-5                                

Geology Record Sheet - Grades 6-8                                

Geology Record Sheet - Grades 9-12                              

Home Environment Record Sheet                                    

Microwave 1st Year Record Sheet - Grades 3-4                

Microwave 2nd Year Record Sheet - Grades 3-4               

Microwave 1st Year Record Sheet - Grades 5-6               

Microwave 2nd Year Record Sheet - Grades 5-6

Microwave 1st year Record Sheet - Grades 7-9

Microwave 2nd Year Record Sheet - Grades 7-9

Microwave 3rd Year Record Sheet - Grade 7-9

Microwave 1st Year Record Sheet - Grades 10-12

Microwave 2nd Year Record Sheet - Grades 10-12

Microwave 3rd Year Record Sheet - Grades 10-12

             Exhibit Cards/Sheets

Arts and Crafts Exhibit Card

Cake Decorating Exhibit Sheet

Home Environment Exhibit Card

Sewing Exhibit Card - Grade 3-4

Sewing Exhibit Card - Grade 5

Sewing Exhibit Card - Grade 6

Sewing Exhibit Card - Grade 7

Sewing Exhibit Card - Grade 8-12

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