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4-H Volunteers

Decatur County 4-H Volunteers!


This page includes a great deal of information to help you be successful as a volunteer with the Decatur County 4-H Program. The page includes information for all types of 4-H volunteers so please use the information that is helpful for your position and don't worry about the rest. 

Note: Indiana 4-H Volunteers are required to enroll in 4HOnline each year. This helps us keep an accurate list of who is volunteering and makes sure that our volunteers are covered for liability purposes. Please be sure to enroll as a Decatur County 4-H Volunteer each year between October 1st and January 15th. Instructions to enroll in 4HOnline and the paper enrollment form are included here for your convenience. 

2. General Information: This section covers 4-H Program Philosophy and Expectations, 4-H Membership, Mini 4-H Non-Competitive Policy, Guidelines for Exhibition and Completion and Grievance/Appeal Guidelines. 

3. Financial Management Policies: This section covers anything and everything you need to know about club or group financials in the 4-H program. Each year clubs are required to submit forms that pertain to their club's activities and their club's financials. These forms are listed hear and are due every year at the end of January. Additionally, clubs should file and E-postcard each year by May 15th. Directions will be updated yearly. 

Each year clubs are also required to complete and IRS 990 Form. The 4-H Youth Development Educator currently is filing these forms.  Please check with your Youth Educator to make sure they are filing the tax forms for your club.  The tax forms must be filed every year by May 15th.  

5. Club Materials: This section covers information for club meetings including meeting ideas, club meeting checklists and procedures for proposing rule changes and community service projects. 

6. Risk Management: This section contains information about accident and incident reporting and information to help keep you and 4-H members safe. Read over this section carefully so that you are aware of procedure in case of an emergency. 

7. Volunteer Development Resources: Everyone can benefit from learning a little more information. This chapter contains information from very basic 4-H definitions to ideas for clubs and using the experiential learning model. Check out this section to keep up with your skills. 

If you have suggestions or requests for different material to be added here, please e-mail Lana Martin with any suggestions at

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