Health and Human Sciences

Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences provides education to individuals and communities in each of Indiana’s diverse counties. We bring university information to the local level – both in person and online – to help people strengthen relationships, eat smart, improve health, and achieve financial wellness.

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J. Eric Hillis,
Health and Human Sciences Educator
1200 S. Main St. Tipton, IN 46072
(765) 675-1177

Are you interested in helping your community, working with others to improve lives and make our county an even nicer place to live?  Join the Extension Homemakers if you are interested!  

Are you looking for easy and delicious dishes?  Check out our SIMM handouts.  Similar Ingredients, Multiple Meals features a main dish and a vegetable or fruit that is used in multiple recipes.  Plus, information is shared on "selection, storage and safety" as well as some "nutrition" information.

Please click the playlist button Video Playlist to view more videos in the Similar Ingredients Multiple Meals video series.



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