Mini bugs

EXHIBIT: This is a list of project activities that can be shown at the Newton County Punkin’ Vine Fair.  Pick a project activity you would like to try from the list below. This exhibit can be displayed in various ways such as on a 22” X 28” poster board (See the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information), scrapbook, project activities, etc.

  • Make a poster of an insect or spider. Label the body parts.
  • Draw a picture of a butterfly. Be sure to make the designs on the wings symmetrical.
  • Make a poster or a book showing some of the ways bugs protect themselves.
  • Make a project activity as a group and take it to the fair to show the kinds of things your group has been doing. Make a scrapbook of pictures showing your group having fun while making the project activities in this manual.
  • Make a poster showing several kinds of bugs on one half and several kinds of spiders on the other half. You may want to draw the pictures or you may want to cut them from magazines.
  • Make several kinds of bugs. Use them to make a mobile of moving creepy crawlies.
  • Use a shoebox to encourage children to create a diorama for their bug. Use things from nature to make it realistic.