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The Carroll County Junior Open Beef Show will be held on Saturday, April 11th at the Carroll County 4-H Fairgrounds at noon. Cattle are allowed on the fairgrounds after 7:00 AM. Entries are $30/head and $5 for showmanship.
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4-H Forms - Do you need a 4-H form, such as Add / Drop, Animal Lease, My Record of Achievement?.
Empowering Farm Women is a program that brings farm women together to increase their management skills for today's agriculture businesses. The program will be held on February 26th and March 12th at the 4-H Building in Flora. Topics include: Increasing Farm Income - Adding to an Existing Enterprise; and Strategies and Tools for Commodity Marketing Success.
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4H Carroll Co. WelcomesYou to an exciting youth program involving over 550 youth and over 150 adult volunteers in Carroll Co.
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Carroll Co. 4-H is blessed to have over 150 4-H volunteers.
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Members discover the importance of a pig and how to care for it. They will learn how to raise pigs for profit, while at the same time produce a high quality, lean, and tender product. Members also learn about responsibilities involved in caring for an animal.

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