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One STOP On-line RESOURCE PAGE (Updated 5/15/2020)

May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Survey Daviess County

The Daviess County Community Foundation and United Way of Daviess County have partnered to create a Daviess County COVID-19 Community Survey!


This survey will support United Way’s grant writing process, as well as help determine the most pressing community needs. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback, and feel free to share the links with others. The survey is available in three languages:


English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YQ8Q277

Spanish: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YWWH5T9

Creole: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YQZXZDD


Thank you!


COVID-19 Family Care Page (added 5/12/20)





Resources for Children & Activities for Families -

4-H, Families and Teachers

(Jane Ann Beard - jbeard@purdue.edu, 4-H Youth Development Educator)


1. IN 4-H Youth Development

https://extension.purdue.edu/4h/Pages/4HHomeActivities.aspx - scroll thru the page for fun ideas on all categories or click on the link specific to your area of interest below:


Additional Options


2. Agri+STEM Lesson!  - "Milk 101" 

The College of Agriculture's PK-12 Council is proud to present its first collaborative Virtual Agri+STEM Lesson!  This lesson, entitled "Milk 101", will be hosted and taught by Pat Polowsky, a Ph.D. Student in ASEC. Please spread the word and join us via livestream on Sunday, April 5th @ 2:30 p.m. EDT. The recorded version and PDF handouts can be accessed via the link: http://cheesescience.org/milk101. This lesson is FREE and there is no registration. All you need to do is to click on the link and enjoy!


Milk 101 Lesson: This 45-minute STEM enrichment lesson was designed to engage 6th through 12th grade students to learn about the basic components of milk: fat, protein, and lactose. Please join the virtual informal learning experience to learn a few science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts by doing some hands-on activities about what’s in milk. Click on and have some fun with Pat!


Pat Polowsky is a food scientist by trade, specializing in cheese and dairy technology. His experience has focused on cheese R&D, sensory science, and product development. Most recently he was a Senior Product Development Manager on Walmart’s Private Brand team. As of the new year he is working on his PhD at Purdue University in Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.


3. Garden Education Resources (all grades)



4. Soil Health Resources - https://www.asec.purdue.edu/soilhealth/resources.html


5. NASA Kids Club - https://www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/index.html


6. Resources for Children both emotionally and educational - See PDF file below that includes various links

     This resources includes links and tours to cool places like zoos, mesumens all over the world, music and etc. 

      Created by The Department of Family Science, School of Public Health at the University of Maryland.  This resource for families and educators run the gamut from helping children cope emotionally with the COVID-19 pandemic to educational resources for parents to use at home with their children.


7. Washington DC Virtual Tours



8. Resources to help children cope during COVID-19






Resources for Ag & Natural Resources - Farmers, Pesticides and Gardeners

(Luis Santiago - santiagl@purdue.edu, CED & ANR Educator)


1. Master Gardeners



2. Master Gardeners Events Calendar



3. Purdue Educations Store - Search for FREE printable publications on almost any topic

Purdue Education Store 


4. Soils - USDA Information and test kits



5. Garden Education Resources (all grades)



6. ANR E-Mail Newsletter - please email Lisa Petty at lpetty@purdue.edu to sign up





September 10 - Save The Date-Healing the Heartland Rural Mental Health Symposium



Mental health issues are impacting our agricultural and rural communities each and every day. Increased understanding of the impact, resources and ways to overcome this impact is needed.   Together, we must seek to be better informed and discover solutions to support our farm families and rural communities. We can do more to engage and advocate to restore health and hope in the Heartland.

The goal for this unique program is to increase awareness of the importance of addressing mental health issues, understand the impact of stress factors and identify ways to support at risk individuals.  Our hope is to elevate the importance of the need for easily accessible resources to support agricultural and rural communities. 

This symposium is being planned and coordinated by ALP Class 18 members:  Meggie Foster, CountryMark; Jackie Barber, Elanco; Somula Schwoeppe, Feeding America and Schwoeppe Dairy; Sarah Wagler, Nutrient Management Partners; Jeff Cummins, ISDA and Kyle Shipman, Indiana Board of Animal Health in coordination with AgrIInstitute.






Resources for Community Development - Leadership, Economy and Local Gov't.

(Cindy Barber, cabarber@purdue.edu,CD Educator)


1. Daviess County Indiana COVID-19 site - click HERE



2. USDA Unveils Tool to Help Rural Communities Address the COVID-19 Pandemic - Rural Resource Guide (Federal Programs)

The COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide (PDF, 349 KB) is a first-of-its-kind resource for rural leaders looking for federal funding and partnership opportunities to help address this pandemic.

“Under the leadership of President Trump, USDA is committed to being a strong partner to rural communities preparing for and impacted by COVID-19,” Perdue said. “This resource guide will help our rural leaders, whether they are in agriculture, education, health care or any other leadership capacity, understand what federal assistance is available for their communities during this unprecedented time.”

USDA has taken many immediate actions to assist farmers, ranchers, producers, rural communities, and rural-based businesses and organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on these actions, visit www.usda.gov/coronavirus.


Press Release
Release No. 0217.20

Contact: USDA Press
Email: press@oc.usda.gov


3. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development - assist employers & agents 
COVID-19 Employer FAQs at www.unemployment.in.gov.

For assistance or more information about filing a UI claim (or questions about the status of your UI claim once filed), visit www.unemployment.in.gov. You will need to provide the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) with the following information in order for the state to process your claim:


4. Take the Census - https://2020census.gov/ 


5. Indiana Career Connections and Talent team - CCT COVID-19 Resources for Hoosiers webpage.

During this challenging time, please continue to be kind, help one another, offer resources, and collaborate on solutions.  CCT covers topics ranging from childcare to business resources to unemployment insurance


For Health-Related Questions

For health-related questions about COVID-19: 


For Businesses

For business-related questions about COVID-19:


For Workers

If you are out of work due to COVID-19 and need of guidance on how to file for unemployment:


7. Updates from the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Education

CTE Directors, Principals, Superintendents, School Counselors:

Over the last couple of weeks, the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) has been working with post-secondary partners, licensing boards, and certification providers to monitor updates related to COVID-19 and better inform those involved with the CTE community.

Guidance from CTE related to COVID-19 can be found in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Please feel free to contact the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Education at cte@gov.in.gov if you have additional questions or concerns.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for our team during this time or additional resources to share, please email secretary@cct.in.gov.


8. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL):

Check out this graphic provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration about the similarities and differences between the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL). 

9. Radius Indiana Regional Economic Impact Survey: 

How is your company addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19? Radius Indiana has assembled this quick survey to better understand the impacts that the pandemic is having on our local business community. Your feedback is critical, and the business community's need will help us craft requests to Local, State and Federal partners.

The survey is multiple-choice and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Responses from the region will be reported in aggregate to prove the need for assistance from Local, State or Federal partners. Business name and contact information will be removed from any results reported. Click the link below!



10. Radius Indiana Resource Lisiting




Upcoming Webinars


Local Government COVID-19 Roundtables, Purdue Extension

Some local Purdue Extension Community Development Educators are offering a time for regional leaders to meet through Zoom to share information, questions, and ideas with each other in terms of COVID-19 impact and response.  These are open meetings. No registration required.

East Central Indiana
Fridays, 10 am ET
Contact: Cherri Brown, brow1334@purdue.edu
Join here

Northwest Indiana-Lake, LaPorte and Porter counties
Tuesdays, 10 am CT
Contact: Mary Foell, mfoell@purdue.edu
Join here


North Central Indiana
Mondays, 11 am ET
Contact: Tamara Ogle, togle@purdue.edu
Join here

Southeast Indiana- Neighboring counties in Ohio and Kentucky are welcomed
Tuesdays, 12 pm ET
Contact: John Hawley, hawley4@purdue.edu
Join here

Southwest Indiana
Tuesdays, 1pm CT/ 2pm ET
Contact: Amanda Mosiman, bailey1@purdue.edu
Join here

Find more resources...
COVID-19 Resources for Local Governments Website

Indiana local government associations and Purdue Extension have come together to provide a central hub of educational resources for local governments as they work to keep their community healthy, safe, and well-informed. We have also been tracking the operational status of governments.  If you have an update on your county, please let us know.


 13. Community Development Newsletter - Click Here





Resources for Health & Human Sciences - Parenting, Money Mgmt, and Food Safety

(Jennifer Stefancik - jstefanc@purdue.edu, HHS Educator)


 1. CDC on Homemade Face coverings - Resource at INPREPared.org

Many groups (with appropriate social distance) and individuals are attempting to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. With concerned citizens, church groups, homemakers and others making homemade face coverings, the CDC has released this past weekend a resource specific to this cause. This CDC guidance includes the following for cloth face coverings: 

This is just one component for slowing the spread of COVID-19. It is still best to abide by the stay-at-home order signed by Governor Holcomb. 


2. Resources for Children both emotionally and educational (links to zoos, museums, music and etc.) See PDF below

Resources Handout Link

The Department of Family Science, School of Public Health at the University of Maryland.  This resource for families and educators run the gamut from helping children cope emotionally with the COVID-19 pandemic to educational resources for parents to use at home with their children.  See PDF file below - Once you open the PDF you can click on the link and it will take you to that section.


 3. 101 Things to do During Self Quarantine - Knox County Facebook Page



4. Kitchen Hacks - making the most our of your appliances - Knox County - Tonya Short - Join with the link below



5. What's a credit Report & Why Care - Knox County - Tonya Short - join with link below



6. Family Resources during COVID-19 (variety of topics) - 


7. Parenting & Family Life Information


8. Resources to help children cope during COVID-19


9. Family Resources for Remote learning



Webinars or Zooms - FREE Webinars for consumers (Updated 5/15/20)


1. Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

Thursday, May 21; 9-10 am or 7-8 pm

Has COVID-19 inspired you to clean while staying at home? Or maybe it is time for your traditional spring cleaning.  Do you wonder what to do with your treasured possessions now or in the future? Family feuds are more likely to erupt over treasured possessions than over money.  Learn how you can leave a legacy and manage family relationships while making decisions about your possessions. This webinar will help you learn:

· Strategies to jump-start conversations about inheritance

· About the powerful messages in who gets what 

· The importance of planning for both titled and non-titled property

· How complex emotional and family relationships impact personal property decisions

· Six key decision-making factors in non-titled property transfer

· About resources, including a workbook, to help improve family decision making

Register for this webinar at https://z.umn.edu/WGGYPP2020May21.



2. Adjusting to Suddenly Reduced Income  

Tuesday, May 26; 10-11 am 
Many people have recently experienced a sudden reduction in their income. Join us to learn how to minimize the effects of income loss. Register for this webinar at https://z.umn.edu/SuddenlyReducedIncome


3. Budgeting 101: Making a Plan  

Thursday, May 28; 3-4 pm or 7-8 pm

Do you want to gain control of your finances?  A budget is a valuable tool to help you better manage your finances. This webinar provides information and tools to address wants and needs, goal setting, balancing income and expenses, and setting aside money for an emergency fund and other savings goals. Register for this webinar at https://z.umn.edu/Budgeting101   


4. Mental Well-Being, Resilience & Self-Care 

Tuesday, June 2; 11 am-noon
Our lives have changed significantly during this pandemic. At a time when we need social support and reassurance, we are faced with uncertainty and the need to keep physically distant. What are the risks to our mental health? How do we help ourselves before helping others? Join us to explore how to promote mental well-being and resilience as we navigate this challenging time.  Register for this webinar at https://z.umn.edu/MentalWell-Being

5. Budgeting 201: Managing a Plan

Thursday, June 4; 3-4 pm or 7- 8 pm

Do you have a budget and struggle with following it?  This webinar will provide tips and strategies for managing your spending plan. Discover ways to make changes to save money, manage debt, and plan for future goals. Register for this webinar at  https://z.umn.edu/Budgeting201

6. COVID-19 Scams 

Tuesday, June 9; 10-11 am or 7-8 pm

Beware of COVID-19 Scams! The Federal Trade Commission has received over 40,500 Covid-19 fraud reports with American consumers reporting losses of $28.47 million.  This webinar will help you spot COVID-19 related scams, learn how to avoid the scams, and identify where and how to file a complaint. Register for this webinar https://z.umn.edu/COVIDSCAMS 


7. Preparing Your Finances for Disasters & Pandemics 

Tuesday, June 16; 11 am-noon

Are you financially prepared to survive the next disaster or pandemic? Plan to participate in this webinar to learn specific strategies to increase your financial resilience.  Register for this webinar at https://z.umn.edu/PreparingFinances





Resources for Cooking - Recipes, Healthy Snacks, Nutrition Education

(Chris Clark, "Clark, clarkc@purdue.edu, NEP Assistant)


1. FoodLink - https://extension.purdue.edu/foodlink/

FoodLink℠ is the resource for anyone who has ever stood in front of produce and wondered, “What is that?” or “What do I do with that?” Scan the FoodLink℠ QR codes on fresh fruits and vegetables to learn more about them, including how to select, prepare, and care for them.


2. MyPlate Kitchen- https://www.choosemyplate.gov/myplatekitchen/recipes 

This used to be called - What's Cooking - USDA Mixing Bowl


3. EatGatherGo.org (recipes) - https://spendsmart.extension.iastate.edu/












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