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Resource Handout: When Your Income Drops

May 11, 2020
When Your Income Drops


RESOURCES: Taking Control When Your Income Drops              

NOTE: This Handout is provided by Purdue Extension and is intended for informational purposes only. 

To contact your local Purdue Extension office:  visit their Facebook page or go to

        name of your county)


Financial Assistance programs in state of Indiana:

Unemployment:    1-800-891-6499

SNAP Benefits:   1- 800-403-0864

Township Trustee:  

211 Help:

Aunt Bertha:



Legal Assistance:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: 


Financial programs available at no cost through Purdue Extension:

(Contact your local Extension office and speak to your HHS Educator for details on how to access)

                Captain Cash lessons  (elementary age lesson plans on Earning, Spending, Saving, Borrowing)     

                Where Does Your Money Go?  (adult money management lessons)



Purdue University’s Fast Start Program   or call 765-494-1776 or (for hearing impaired) 800-743-3333.

Spending plan worksheet



“Your Money Your Goals” toolkit:   1-855-411-2372


Articles from Purdue Extension

Beware of Scams related to COVID-19:

Families Facing Tough Times Together:

Eating Healthy On A Budget:

Maintaining Financial Control During COVID-19 Pandemic:      



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