Red Cedar
Q. I am wondering what you might know about the small "red cedar trees" that seem to be invading fencerows and highways, especially U.S. 31 north of Kokomo. I think a column from you would be worthwhile, since I can`t seem to get my neighbors to control the "pretty little trees," which are much like Canadian thistle and kudzu.
What should you be doing with your indoor plants, yard, and garden in the month of May? Rosie Lerner, Purdue Extension horticulture specialist, has a list of things to check and plan for during the first months of the year.
Vinca Minor Plant
People often select plants first for their beauty and second for their functionality in the garden. Frequently, we don't know or don't consider a plant's behavior when we're selecting them.
If you've ever had to work on a tree leaf collection, no doubt you included a leaf from Indiana's state tree. Also known as tulip poplar and yellow poplar, the tuliptree is actually not a poplar at all. It is a member of the magnolia family known botanically as Liriodendron tulipifera.
Asparagus spears emerge once soil temperatures reach about 50 degrees Fahrenheit
Q. I planted a new asparagus patch last year. I just have a few spears up so far. Do you think the cold weather injured the plants this winter? Is it OK to harvest these spears? Someone told me I shouldn't harvest at all the first year.
a stink bug with yellow arrows pointing to distinguishing characteristics
A brown-colored, disgusting looking bug appeared out of nowhere in my home. It landed on a magazine I was reading. I don't care much for bugs - most of them creep me out - so, I sent my husband to throw it outside. That was a mistake. Wow did that thing ever stink. Whatever the stink was, it got on his hands and also on the magazine. I had to throw both out. My house reeked for two days and my husband for four. What was that bug and how can I not experience it again?
Bacterial leaf spot
Weeping willow, 6 years old and 9" diameter. Wet, clay ground and thriving. Suddenly, late last summer I noticed the leaves were dead, and the bark on the trunk was completely loose and falling off. Will the tree survive?

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