Dr. Goldsbrough
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"It's amazing stuff," Goldsbrough says of the science behind GMOs. "Frankly, it is just mind-boggling." Would you like to hear Dr. Goldsbrough in person? Come to our Annual Meeting on Monday, April 9 at 6:30 pm in the County Office Building (Lower Level). Click here for more details...
Extension Edge
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Stay informed with Purdue Extension - DeKalb County's newsletter, "The Extension Edge." Find out what is happening in Agriculture & Natural Resources, Health & Human Sciences, and 4-H Youth Development. If you would like to have the newsletter emailed to you or to come by mail, contact the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562.
Not too late for 4-H
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You still have time to get enrolled in 4-H for 2018! For new families, go to and create a family profile. Instructions are posted on the website. Returning families can re-enroll by updating their existing family profiles. Click here for more information...
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You are invited to participate in this free webinar series presented by Purdue Extension and the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development. You will be able to ask questions and participate in discussion. Click here for more information...
Health and Human Sciences
Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences (HHS) provides education to people of all ages in Indiana's 92 counties in food, family, money, and health.
DeKalb County Extension Homemakers
The DeKalb Co. Extension Homemakers is an organization of clubs where their mission is to strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support. For more information about the Extension Homemakers or joining a club, call the DeKalb Co. Extension Office at (260) 925-2562.
Melody Makers Chorus
The DeKalb Co. Melody Makers are looking for new voices to join their choral group. You can belong to a group of women who love to sing their hearts out!

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