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4-H Membership

The Indiana 4-H year runs from September 1 - August 31.  National 4-H Week is held in October and Indiana 4-H week is held in February.  The new statewide 4-H on-line enrollment is Oct. 1 - Jan. 15.

4-H Membership Guidelines:

  1. Our 4-H program is open to all youth in grades 3 - 12.  NOTE:
  • Those 4-H’ers that were enrolled in 3rd grade may continue membership for a maximum of ten (10 years).
  • Mini 4-H in Carroll County is for youth in second grade.
  1. 4-H youth are to enroll in at least one project through a 4-H club.  There are over 60 projects from which to choose.  Members are expected to complete the projects in which they enroll.  Projects provide the basis of the 4-H program by offering educational experiences in areas of interest to youth.  Carrying out a project will help the 4-H member “Learn to do by doing”. 4-H projects help youth develop project knowledge and skills, as well as, developing life skills from the project activities.
  2. State 4-H Program Fee of $15 per 4-H member (maximum of $45 per family) is due on-line or to the Extension Office within 2 weeks of enrolling and before receiving 4-H project books.

How to Join 4-H 

  1. Contact the Purdue Extension - Carroll Co. Office - 574-967-3538
  2. E-mail Joanne Lytton - 4-H Educator - lytton@purdue.edu
  3. Enroll on-line - https://in.4honline.com/
  4. Contact a local 4-H club leader - Find a list of names in the 4-H Club section.

For a complete list of projects (requirements and record sheets), select "Youth" on the top toolbar.  Then, look under "4-H Projects - Carroll County".