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2020 Adams County 4-H Fair

July 27, 2020
4-H Fair Logo

4-H Fair Logo

The 4-H Fair is a summer event you won't want to miss!!

But this year the Adams County 4-H Fair will be looking very different. However let's remember that different doesn't mean bad. We have been making lemonades out of all the lemons we have been given in 2020 so far and the Adams County 4-H Fair is sure to be an awesome Lemonade Shake-Up ! !Please check out the "Related Files" below for Fair Schedule, Pictures, Livestock Show Programs, Results and other 4-H Fair related information

It takes a village to pull of an event like the Adams County 4-H Fair, this year even though it is so very different we still need help. Volunteer spots will be added as we get closer to fair and additional needs arise. Check out the Adams County 4-H Fair Volunteer Sign-Up to see where you to "pledge your hands to larger service" !

2020 Adams County 4-H Fair

Pre-Fair and Fair Schedule


2020 Adams County 4-H Fair Volunteer Sign Up 

We will be uploading a few photos in our Adams County 4-H Google Album:    2020 Adams County 4-H Fair 
Sweet Tea Photography will also be taking pictures of livestock shows:            Sweet Tea Photography 

Static Project Results
Static project results will be live shortly after results are official. Results can be found

Livestock Shows Webcast
Livestock showing in the large animal show arena will be webcast via Berne Witness.             

Livestock Show Information
Starter Calf
      2020 Beef & Starter Calf Fair Details
      2020 Starter Calf Show Program(with results)
      2020 Virtual Starter Calf Show(with results)

      2020 Beef & Starter Calf Fair Details
      2020 Beef Show Program(with results)

      2020 Sheep Fair Details
      2020 Sheep Show Program(with results)

      2020 Goat Fair Details
      2020 Goat Show Program(with results)  

      2020 Swine Fair Details
      2020 Swine Show Program(with results)
      2020 Virtual Swine Show(with results)

Horse and Pony
      2020 Horse and Pony Fair Details
      2020 Horse and Pony Show Bill

      2020 Rabbit Fair Details
      2020 Rabbit Show Program(with results)   

       2020 Dairy Fair Details
       2020 Dairy Show Program(with results) 

       2020 Poultry Fair Details
        2020 Poultry Show Program(with results)


2020 Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction

This year’s auction will be a Premium Auction; where youth will maintain ownership of animals and buyers will simply be donating funds to said 4-Her by Add-On Support or by contributing to the Buyer Support Group which will be split among those whom have less than adequate support at the end of the auction.
   2020 Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction Program

   2020 Auction Support Letter
   2020 Auction Buyer Support Form
   2020 Buyer Support Group Information

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